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  • Mom? Can I have a Popsicle?

  • -No, honey. You'll spoil your-- -(screams)

  • Hey, parents! Tired of those out-of-control kids throwing...

  • ..embarrassing tantrums wherever they go?

  • At the grocery store...

  • on the playground...

  • -..even at the dinner table! -(little girl screams)

  • -(garbage disposal whirs) -You've had it with parenting.

  • -(baby starts to cry) -But wait!

  • There is a solution.

  • Introducing Nap Time! The latest, most effective tool

  • for child tantrum prevention!

  • It's simple. Just douse a rag with our patented sleepy time formula,

  • -(muffled screams) -Place it over your child's cry hole,

  • Press and hold gently for 8-12 seconds and presto!

  • No more tantrum!

  • I was beginning to think adoption was the only way out.

  • Then a friend of mine introduced me to Nap Time.

  • It's never been so quiet around here!

  • (thud)

  • The secret lies in Nap Time's revolutionary fast-asleep formula.

  • Developed by military trained scientist doctors from NASA,

  • Nap Time's powerful molecules rush to the child's brain on contact,

  • gently inducing instant tranquility.

  • This is chloroform.

  • Already put those wallet-draining crap factories out on the street?

  • That's okay! Nap Time works in any situation!

  • On the golf course...

  • an awkward blind date...

  • I had a really good time ton--

  • (muffled groans)

  • -It even works on pets. -(pet growls)

  • After we had our first child here, we regretted it almost immediately.

  • We didn't know that she'd cry so much.

  • (laughter) Talk about defective!

  • But thanks to Nap Time, our little Samantha here hasn't made a noise in weeks!

  • (mother and father laugh)

  • I keep her in a shoe box!

  • Call now and we'll send you your very own 24 ounce bottle of Nap Time solution

  • for only 23 easy payments of $1.99!

  • But, wait, there's more!

  • Act quickly and you'll also receive the all-new Dream Sack absolutely free!

  • It's compact and portable for those on-the-go tantrums.

  • Just cover it, tighten it, and forget about it.

  • It's that simple!

  • (little girl) I can't breath good.

  • So if this looks familiar...

  • I feel pregnant. -(baby cries in background)

  • (coughs)

  • Then don't wait!

  • Order today and join the millions of Americans who can't just stop saying...

  • Thanks, Nap Time!

  • (both) Thanks, Nap Time!

  • Thanks, Nap Time.

  • Nap Time! When they just won't shut up.

  • Nap Time is not legal in the following states:

  • [go to to make a personal request]

Mom? Can I have a Popsicle?

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