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Mom? Can I have a Popsicle?
-No, honey. You'll spoil your--

Hey, parents! Tired of those
out-of-control kids throwing...

..embarrassing tantrums wherever they go?
At the grocery store...
on the playground...
-..even at the dinner table!
-(little girl screams)

-(garbage disposal whirs)
-You've had it with parenting.

-(baby starts to cry)
-But wait!

There is a solution.
Introducing Nap Time!
The latest, most effective tool

for child tantrum prevention!
It's simple. Just douse a rag
with our patented sleepy time formula,

-(muffled screams)
-Place it over your child's cry hole,

Press and hold gently
for 8-12 seconds and presto!

No more tantrum!
I was beginning to think
adoption was the only way out.

Then a friend of mine
introduced me to Nap Time.

It's never been so quiet around here!
The secret lies in Nap Time's
revolutionary fast-asleep formula.

Developed by military trained
scientist doctors from NASA,

Nap Time's powerful molecules
rush to the child's brain on contact,

gently inducing instant tranquility.
This is chloroform.
Already put those wallet-draining
crap factories out on the street?

That's okay! Nap Time works in any situation!
On the golf course...
an awkward blind date...
I had a really good time ton--
(muffled groans)
-It even works on pets.
-(pet growls)

After we had our first child here,
we regretted it almost immediately.

We didn't know that she'd cry so much.
(laughter) Talk about defective!
But thanks to Nap Time, our little Samantha
here hasn't made a noise in weeks!

(mother and father laugh)
I keep her in a shoe box!
Call now and we'll send you your very own
24 ounce bottle of Nap Time solution

for only 23 easy payments of $1.99!
But, wait, there's more!
Act quickly and you'll also receive
the all-new Dream Sack absolutely free!

It's compact and portable
for those on-the-go tantrums.

Just cover it, tighten it, and forget about it.
It's that simple!
(little girl) I can't breath good.
So if this looks familiar...
I feel pregnant.
-(baby cries in background)

Then don't wait!
Order today and join the millions
of Americans who can't just stop saying...

Thanks, Nap Time!
(both) Thanks, Nap Time!
Thanks, Nap Time.
Nap Time! When they just won't shut up.
Nap Time is not legal in the following states:
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to make a personal request]

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10439 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on December 28, 2013
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