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A signature aspect of pretty much every Disneyland style theme park is the castle.
It's one of the first things you see when you walk down Main Street, and at some point in the day you know you'll be taking a picture in front of this magical centerpiece.
Now there's many different castles that can be found at the Disney parks, and each is grand and elegant in their own way.
The castle's helped place you in this magical Disney world you'll be exploring throughout your day at the park.
Now Disney always wants to make sure that no matter what time of year or day of the week, a guest visits the park, that everyone has a very similar experience.
But in the past, there's been some exceptions.
Over many decades, the visit the Castle roster has grown in size, and we've seen some interesting things happen to them.
They even begun incorporating castles in a non traditional way into their parks.
But not every castle design has received praises from the public.
So today we're gonna be looking at a variety of Disney castles and counting down the top five.
Biggest Disney Castle Mistakes Number five.
The Stitch Castle.
What We're going to kick things off on November 16th 2004 at Magic Kingdom.
This they marked the official opening of stitches, Great Escape and one guess.
Walk through the turnstiles.
They're greeted by a giant inflatable stitch in front of the train station.
Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Well, not just yet.
Then, as guests walk down Main Street, they were greeted with signs saying Stitch was wanted for creating mischief, mayhem and pandemonium.
After seeing the castle on the ferry boat or monorail ride into the park, guests may have put two and two together, But once the approached Main Street, they got a really look.
Well, what you see here is what you would expect your Carter look like the night before Halloween.
That's right.
Mischief included TP ing Cinderella's Castle.
What a sight to see toilet paper hanging off the elegant Cinderella castle peaks blowing in the wind, the dreams of thousands of guests wanting that perfect picture in front of the castle, just crushed by toilet paper and a sign that said Stitches King.
It was quite the sight to see now.
Disney added all the castle decoration overnight, and since the castle is the main focus of the park, it would have definitely intrigued guests to find out what was going on and maybe check out Such is great escape.
So it was a really smart marketing idea on business part.
But without advising guests this was happening.
It could have been disappointing to see the castle in the state.
Aside from these disappointed guests, there are also many people who found this hilarious.
Now what do you think?
It definitely received that mixed reaction, but thankfully it was only seen for one day and one day only.
Then, on the morning of November 17th the castle was back to its original royal self number four.
The Crane Castle.
Now we all like nice things on the Disney castles, right?
Well, since 2007 Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom has been outfitted with 200,000 lights just in time for the holiday season.
But although it's Disney, these lights don't just magically appear.
It's done with the help from the Magic Kingdom Crane that completes the Cinderella Crane Castle.
People have said Disney's made a big mistake by ruining its centerpiece with this eyesore of a crane for weeks on end and multiple times per year.
The biggest complaint being the crane is ruining pictures.
If you visit Magic Kingdom around mid September or mid January, he almost likely be greeted by this famous crane that soars over Cinderella Castle.
But if you are looking for that perfect picture, then you aren't wrong, since the crane is in sight anywhere you stand on Main Street.
All you need to do, though, is just think of it as the giant Mickey Hand that used to be over spaceship Earth.
That epic I accept this time, doesn't he used a crane?
Now, after people see the dream lights, the crane has slowly become much more bearable for the weeks.
It's up for the installation and for the disassembly, but it's taken some time for people to warm up to this castle.
What started off is what people described as a dreadful mistake that ruined magical photos has remained a dreadful mistake for some, but it sort of turned into what I guess you could consider a Disney mean for some others.
People have begun embracing the crane, wanting it in their photos, even using the hashtag wdw crane on Instagram and has its own Facebook page and a Twitter account as well.
And as long as the dream lights are around the castle, Crane won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
Number three.
The Birthday Cake Castle Disney has celebrated milestones in the past with subtle decorations, but nothing compares to what happened in 1996 at Magic Kingdom.
October 1st 1996.
Mark the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World.
And to celebrate, they transform the elegant and iconic Cinderella Castle into a giant pink birthday cake.
The cake was completed and ready for October 1st 1996 and was around until January 31st.
That's a 15 month celebration with this pink cake right in the middle of Magic Kingdom, with work on the castle beginning around August of 90 96.
They painted it three different shades of pink, using more than 400 gallons of pain.
Oh, look, The Castle Crane even made an appearance in 1996.
It was decorated with multi color Sprinkles, 26 candles ranging in height from 20 to 40 feet.
12 5 foot gumdrops, 46 foot stacks of lifesavers, 52 foot gumballs, plus all the inflatable icing you can think of.
There's probably never been anything as bold in a Disney park than this castle right here.
The entire thing was completely decorated, except for the back portion of these windows here and the sides of those base columns.
It was quite a shock seeing the castle like this for the first time now, we were lucky enough to be at Magic Kingdom on October 2nd, 1996 when Roy E.
Disney was filming a segment for the Walt Disney World Inside Out program promoting the 25th anniversary.
I'm Roy Disney, you know, making 1996 to 1998 years when the Internet wasn't really a thing.
So no one knew something this drastic was happening to the castle unless they heard it through word of mouth or saw it on TV.
In some form, like in the Disney World Inside Out Program on the Disney Channel.
Well, there are plenty of guests who walked into Magic Kingdom during those 15 months who weren't too pleased to say the least.
If only they re created something more along the lines of the one year anniversary Disneyland Paris Castle from 1993 that was much more elegant but still a cake.
A past cast member in a discussion forum said, I was working there and had to hear complaints every single day about it, and I didn't even work in Magic Kingdom.
As a celebration went on, a began getting referred to as the Pepto Bismol Castle.
So it's safe to say that many people would consider it a big mistake that they carried out this transformation.
You can only imagine how many complaints guest service is received during those 15 months, but luckily this overlay was only temporary, and there hasn't been a castle overlay this drastic since then.
Number two, the beast's castle.
Now let's move it to something a bit more recent, when Disney announced that new fantasy Land would have the Beast Castle from Beauty and the Beast, I'm sure a lot of people.
His first thought was that it would be something big that could compete with Cinderella Castle.
Now Disney did a great job at re creating immersive environments in new fantasy land.
The whole dining experience at B R Guest is incredible.
Right from the entrance with a stone lions into the main dining hall and the West Wing, Imagineers hit a home run with the interior of the beast's castle.
But the exterior is where they may be missed the mark and made a mistake.
Disney likes to use a technique called forced Perspective.
We talked about it used on Cinderella Castle in our top 10 Disneyworld Secrets video.
If you want to check that video out, there's a card in the right hand side.
Now, in creating the exterior of the beast's castle, they also use forced perspective.
But it really only works when viewing it from far away.
As you get closer, it's not very convincing.
The actual size of the castle falls more under a miniature model.
You can see the scale of it in relation to the construction worker.
If you're viewing it from the side of the bridge and new fantasy land, it's like the castle was too small or the mountains are too short and doesn't convincingly carry out the illusion.
When you approach the arch leading onto the bridge, it's much more convincing from here.
But as you walk closer, you sort of lose that forced perspective effect and also lose sight of the castle all together because of the rock work.
The biggest mistake was not designing something that was larger in scale.
It could have still appeared as if it was in the distance, but it definitely needed to be bigger.
As you approach be our guests.
The doors are massive, and the entrance area is very immersive and detailed.
But just imagine if, as you're walking through the doors, you'd be ableto look up and see the very castle you were walking into.
This is one of those mistakes that's amore subjective from person to person, but we're curious to know what you think.
Number one, Hong Kong's Sleeping Beauty Castle.
As part of the $1.4 billion investment in Hong Kong Disneyland, it was announced that they're sleeping Beauty Castle would receive a complete overhaul.
Disney said they wanted to draw from a variety of storybook influences and styles.
This was the original concept art released in 2016 and you can see how it's taken some inspiration from the Disneyland Paris castle, as well as the Cinderella castles and even some elements from Mystic Manor.
This would finally give Hong Kong their own iconic castle.
That wasn't just a cheap copy of Anaheim's This concept.
Art seems to work well.
Then, in mid December of 2017 the Disney Parks Blawg released some new, updated concept art and, well, this is where they may have made a mistake with this castle.
Orlando in Tokyo have Cinderella Castle.
Paris has their version of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Anaheim has the original Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Shanghai has the Storybook Castle, which represents all Disney princesses but still has an overall thematic flow and fits the look of a Disney castle.
And then Hong Kong is gonna get this.
It looks like every Disney Princess movie just threw up their castle in Hong Kong, and whatever piece stuck made it into the design, it appears that a big mistake was Disney changing the color palette from the original art.
You can see in the original that the Sleeping Beauty castle is pink color was still very prominent, and then the rest of the color scheme of the castle was much more muted and gave often elegant royal feel.
While the new yellow and peach color scheme with orange flags seems a bit hokey and doesn't give off that elegant Disney Castle feeling, maybe it'll change again.
But now only time will tell as they start building this new castle.
So out of the five castles we spoke about today, which one would you say is Disney's biggest castle mistake?
What would you have done differently?
Leave a comment down below and start a conversation, And these are the winners for the 2017 holiday.
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From Set, Jose, California and the grand prize winner of the $150 Disney gift card is Tricia Be from Carson, California Thank you so much to everyone who entered and will be reaching out to the three winners very soon.
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Top 5 Biggest Disney Castle Mistakes!

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林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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