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  • the world of tech moves fast.

  • It's constantly changing and evolving.

  • It's like trying to follow a beauty blogger feud online.

  • The creators in the text face are always on top of their game, helping us decode, decipher and de mystify every new gadget that comes our way.

  • Here are the nominees technology.

  • Justine was also have the Aten fusion ship, so it is incredibly fast.

  • Marquez Brownlee, This is everything you need to know so far in one place, Sarah DJ.

  • So that can set a 15 inch computer tech way.

  • Get to see the word on the street like one of people know about the two phones open and unbox therapy.

  • Okay, this is insane.

  • They gave me an envelope to announce the winner.

  • Uh, but that's lame, So I've actually put a package on the table of everyone who's nominated.

  • Uh, so breathe this out.

  • See what we got here.

  • All right, so in order to announce it, I'm just gonna, like, push this down.

  • So if you guys were ready to see who on the technology counted it, count me down.

  • 54321 I'll tell you what, that was terrifying.

  • Um, thank you.

  • thank you, Thio.

  • Stream means thank you to everyone else in the category similar to Mark.

  • I feel like I take a lot of pride and I take a lot of pride in getting people interested in entertained with Tech, which I think is really important.

  • First year there's been attacked category.

  • I think that's great.

  • Also, I don't know where Hannah is.

  • I got the phone, like, out the box.

  • But it was really I set the language to Spanish by accident.

  • So don't help me switch that back would be awesome.

  • Anyway, thank you so much.

  • Have a great night.

the world of tech moves fast.

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