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  • No, Scott's like that.

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  • Jody!

  • Maggie bringing it up Thank you.

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  • See that now or it's gonna be big.

  • Anybody got a reward?

  • Be difficult job up there today.

  • Well, I'm not making that up.

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  • Delegate, Look Santiago in the booth to get up.

  • Get up, Get up.

  • What she would say something can be Tonto.

  • I have something that gives what God intended.

  • What are you about getting it?

  • I got that.

  • Gets what?

  • God said.

  • Congress.

  • Congress passed the bar legging up today league, you know, cannot.

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  • But I'm a big party.

  • Got better, Alice or two minutes.

  • But Jen starts about what about the big big award, but didn't button look out.

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  • I got general be back here open in July 2.

  • Now back here, we also need a big old world.

  • But this is beneath you.

  • They can have it.

  • Takes up the opinion poll, Garrity.

  • Well, yeah, but anger icily opportune time Got addicted, addicted a municipal it, commander.

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  • What's headed?

  • The bodyguard.

  • Nonetheless, it is a ge somebody getting log.

  • This bar is the boundary limit.

  • Come get it.

  • Ramadi, sir.

  • God, Abby can dreamily scott about partisan garage Ebadi yak.

  • And that's it for this, But well, that's a party Congress.

  • Congress to somebody may be picky, Zippy, it's Madonna.

  • But is it d c will assist in the coffee's on that, Theo.

  • See, the thing is that the one that I think about that the last of this house and looked out of a bad you know what water?

  • What is he?

  • What God say?

  • Well, let's look back licking up thick up gang kids got tied up the city or be difficult.

  • See, day or Congress considered gets a minimum maximum.

  • I appreciate the minimum, Ugo.

  • Come be.

  • It's gotta be gotta but not some super guard body covered oddity.

  • Could you tell?

  • I got like zero Look at the goodies like big cars up a serum wasn't really a person that we were like.

No, Scott's like that.

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Delhi Election Result :- दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव 2020 | दिल्ली में किसकी सरकार बनेगी | opinion poll

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