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dictate the pace.
That kind of eerie Carlo Gal's down after a collision with Don off on heart.
Skip a beat in Boston.
Yeah, we've seen this too frequently at this time of year.
When you talk about Brandon Carlo even later gets his first playoff experience a year ago.
We've seen some great growth in his game.
He gets hit with the elbow from Don off, right up on other shield, right, the center, its face and just Oh, not much you can do to prepare and defend yourself from that.
I just hope that it's not one of these head injuries the dreaded concussion word, but he needs some attention.
Donald's gonna go for a they give a minor Jack.
I have not seen the signal yet, but there's a huddle of referees, so it could be one of these situations where reviewing the severity of the call, take it out when I could be wrong.
But Donna looks over here goes, he's there.
Well, folks, that's intent.
It takes a look over short.
He sees Carlo closing on video review, calling the ice.
We have a minor penalty for all of two minutes.
That's oh, boy.
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Brandon Carlo Takes An Elbow To The Face From Evgenii Dadonov

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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