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  • Hey.

  • Hey.

  • Beautiful day, isn't it?

  • Really, I'm hearing right.

  • Governor of the Torah.

  • Here, Ryan.

  • This Karen, right?

  • Governor Victoria, welcome to the Melvins International Bed nine Really smooth.

  • We'll be jumping off a four meter platform today into the murky depths of the era River to our raise awareness.

  • Tell all Victorians if your age 16 and 25 applications are now open the application process being or been in or been in orbit for you, pal.

  • But 11 4011 use Parliament.

  • Victoria, go to www dot Victoria Don't wives or your forward slash You don't showboat too much, but gonna win.

  • My craft is, uh, the usher of the black road.

  • Guy reckons he's gonna win this year's sixth year in a row.

  • No chance.

  • I've got your number.

  • Oh, my mom's here with the ambulance.

  • Ambulance is here for me.

  • Landing Papa k up the river up on Princess Bridge.

  • This Custer, and designed by pulling your governor Sarah Brunton 2010.

  • Being told it's darkly, eternally so let's do a die.

  • I have to keep it dry land safely on the other side of the river.

  • Otherwise, it's, uh, $20 deposit.

  • Really know a lot of butterflies saying a couple of beverages, nor is it looks like a my way.

  • Usher with froth.

  • Yeah, I saw applications regarding right.

  • Get the word out.

  • There was a jump for it.

  • If I point to you like that.

  • All right then realized underwater to get out of here.

  • I was once.


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