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I got to say, Roy,
this virus has everyone so stressed out.
I mean, I'm keeping this can of disinfectant around
to spray on everything.
What-what else can we do to stay safe?
Stop, stop. Stop with that.
First of all, Trevor, don't panic.
The most important thing to do is wash your hands.
Just wash your hands. And don't rush.
You got to wash them for at least the length
of one verse of a Cardi B song.
♪ Yeah, I wash the back, then wash the front ♪
♪ Girl, I make healthy moves. ♪
And another thing. Don't touch your face
'cause you can make yourself sick.
And if you are sick, remember to stay...
...stay at home.
(laughter and applause)
(Wood clearing throat)
What? Wh-What?
Did you just corona-cough in my face?
Didn't cough in your face.
No, I just had some peanuts a minute ago.
They stuck in my throat.
Okay, I'm...
'Cause I'm-I'm watching you, Roy. Don't-don't make me sick.
I'm good, man.
Come on.
As I was saying, it's important not to panic.
Check on your elderly neighbors, make sure...
(laughter and applause)
(clears throat)
There's no need for concern.
What you need to...
-Ah, corona! Corona! Corona! -No! It's peanuts!
-It's peanuts! -Corona! Get out of here!
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Tips to Staying Healthy During the CoV Outbreak

62 Folder Collection
2524517273 published on March 9, 2020
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