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  • Dear subscribers,

  • there are over 250,000 of you now,

  • a critical mass

  • at a critical time.

  • We have the cumulative potential

  • to impact global education.

  • I've been assembled and given a voice for this video

  • to describe one way to do just that.

  • Please allow me 2.5 minutes to explain.

  • My name is TED-Ed

  • and I am a symbol for both the TED-Ed website

  • and the billions of videos available to you for free

  • on the website known as "YouTube".

  • Today I invite you on a journey

  • on which you will learn how to use

  • to create a lesson

  • around the vast majority of videos on the web.

  • When I say, "create a lesson,"

  • I mean that you may use the TED-Ed website

  • to search for any video on YouTube.

  • Once you find the perfect video,

  • the one that really blows your hair back,

  • helps you understand,

  • or that makes you pause and say,

  • "My goodness, the universe is a fascinating place!",

  • you may use TED-Ed to enhance that video.

  • You might use the "Let's Begin" section

  • to set context for interpreting the video

  • or to define a learning objective for your students.

  • Or, you might use the "Think" section

  • to add multiple choice questions

  • with time-coded video hints

  • or open answer questions

  • that beg for thought-provoking, written responses.

  • Or, perhaps you'll use the "Dig Deeper" section

  • to expand upon the video with articles,

  • references,

  • or links to an application,

  • or maybe even your blog.

  • If any feature is not your cup of tea,

  • just click "Exclude".

  • And this new feature, "Discuss,"

  • it lets you create riveting discussions

  • around your favorite bits.

  • Learners, you can engage with lessons independently.

  • The site will save your answers, notes, and ideas

  • to your personal profile

  • and track your learning over time.

  • New lessons are added every day.

  • Teachers, as you build or distribute customized lessons

  • to individuals or to groups,

  • you may use the site to track the progress

  • of single students or your entire class.

  • And no matter who you are,

  • if you take the time to create a particularly stunning lesson,

  • please also take the time to nominate it.

  • We will systematically feature

  • the best community-made lessons

  • within the ever-growing TED-Ed library,

  • free for the world to learn from,

  • to customize and to share.

  • The possibilities of this tool

  • are as infinite as YouTube itself.

  • And, we will be adding new features regularly

  • in the months and years to come.

  • To join me and many others

  • in building a library of lessons worth sharing,

  • simply click on one of the features that interests you.

  • Thank you for your time.

Dear subscribers,

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