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  • My name is Taylor Thomas.

  • I'm 23 years old and I'm from Milton.

  • I love, you know, predators and classical singing and singing as a Disney princess.

  • Tonight I will be seeing let it go from the Disney film Prison.

  • First to head to the stage is Taylor has been working hard on her princess credentials.

  • I was lucky enough Thio into 1015 land a lead role at Disneyland Hong Kong.

  • As a vocalist, I worked with characters such a cz Rapunzel from tangles and Elsa from frozen.

  • I got to know the characters very well.

  • When I sing, I feel a lot.

  • I think that's that's the best way to put it, because I could be reaching out to someone out there that's listening.

  • You know, I could be reaching out to that little girl first row or you know that the grandma in the third row, if even one chair tend for me tonight.

  • I don't know.

  • I'm concerned that I may just end up with an emotional pull.

  • Those wide mountain tonight to soothe the wind is howling like swirling storm inside.

  • Couldn't keep heaven knows it's going to see what I can do.

  • You know me.

  • Yeah.

  • Never bothered me.

  • Anyway, my name's Taylor, 23 years old, and I'm from Melvin.

  • You're doing pretty well until Delta turned a bit wobbly.

  • Like princess meeting Princess E corgis Disney moment.

  • I feel like there should be like c g I birds on your shoulders.

  • You have to tell Disney about you.

  • Well, I actually had the fortunate of opportunity to work for Disney.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • I've recently come back from Hong Kong Disneyland, where I worked as a bike list for two years.

  • Theo enchanted Princess Amy Adams a little bit.

  • So did you have to dress up every day in crazy costumes?

  • I was very fortunate to wear lots of costumes and beautiful wigs.

  • Like my life.

  • Yes.

  • The obvious thing would be to choose Delta.

  • Maybe you should choose bay.

  • You don't understand how many times I've played frozen.

  • God help my poor future kid.

  • He's gonna have to watch this 100,000 times in her lifetime.

  • Bad for my family's.

  • That was beautiful.

  • And you came out here and you sang it with all your heart and soul.

  • And I'm so glad I got to turn around and ask you to please be on my team.

  • Dizzy Princess, you got a princess and a prince at the end.

  • Haven't you got a Disney connection?

  • Just a little.

  • Yes, I know about that.

  • Sounded weird.

  • I know about Disney princesses.

  • I know I will say that.

  • A team, Joe, we respect our Disney princesses.

  • I would love to work with you.

  • I think you're fantastic, Vocalist.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I would love to take you away from doing songs like that and show off your voice even more.

  • Do you want to build a snowman?

  • Doesn't Just wants to do the whole movie with you.

  • I think so.

  • I literally think she's gonna like in, like, two seconds.

  • She's gonna start up.

  • Theo, Theo.

  • Meanwhile, I know all the evil parts of the movie.

  • You look like you had so much fun up there.

  • I did My goal for for the whole thing was to really take down the wall.

  • And that's hard for me to do.

  • You know, I feel like it's so easy to become a character, but it's even harder to be vulnerable and be yourself.

  • And that's what I really wanted to do.

  • Getting up here and I feel like I did it.

  • I thank you so much becoming a Grayson on stage today.

  • And now you have a very important decision to make.

  • And you got a four chair turn.

My name is Taylor Thomas.

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Tayla Thomas sings 'Let It Go' from Frozen by Idina Menzel | The Voice Stage #6

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