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  • being treated here in a specialist isolation unit in London, the third person in the UK with Corona virus.

  • We don't know the man's name.

  • What we do know is that he didn't contract it here or in China.

  • But in Singapore, it means health officials have changed their guidance for people who've recently traveled to other parts of Asia.

  • Previously, we were saying the risk of someone having this was so low outside China that only under quite restricted circumstances to advise testing were now advising testing for this virus in a wider geographical area.

  • If people have got typical symptoms and they've come back in the last 14 days, that's very important.

  • It means travelers showing symptoms of the virus must now self isolate if they've bean in neighboring Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, as well as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, where together that have now being 149 confirmed cases.

  • Three people are now being treated in high level isolation units in the U.

  • K.

  • Like the's.

  • The two confirmed cases in York have no connection to the man who was diagnosed in Brighton this morning.

  • He was transferred to ST Thomas's Hospital, and anyone who has been in contact with will now be traced.

  • Contract tracing involves identifying anyone that a case off Corona virus might have had contact with.

  • S O, the Department of Health have been defining somebody's had contact with someone who was within about two meters of somebody who is infected for at least 15 minutes.

  • So they will be talking to the patient and just trying to identify what locations they've been in on DDE what kind of interactions they've had.

  • 10 more people have contracted the infection on this cruise ship quarantined off the coast of Japan.

  • All 78 British passengers are said to be clear from the virus.

  • On board the vessel, which looks deserted, holidaymakers have retreated to their cabins.

  • Mood on board is probably a lot more anxiety.

  • What's goingto happen to us?

  • How much longer will be on quarantine on the ship here?

  • The Chinese ambassador to Britain appeared to hit back at the Foreign Office, which has advised UK nationals to leave China if they can.

  • The government's ofour countries, including the UK, should understand and support China's efforts, respect the professional advice off W H O ah boy Overreaction.

  • Ah boy, creating panic.

  • But in China, the doctor who raised the alarm of a Corona virus and was silenced by authorities has himself died of the infection.

  • Well, wishes there a praising him for the risks he took in speaking out, He was right toe warn China.

  • The spread is not slowing on.

  • The death toll is still rising.

being treated here in a specialist isolation unit in London, the third person in the UK with Corona virus.

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