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Malfunctions and breakdowns are topics that get discussed quite frequently on this channel.
It’s so intriguing when something out of the ordinary happens in a theme park ride
or attraction.
Across the Disney and Universal theme parks, fake outs or intentional malfunctions and
mishaps have been built into the storylines of various rides and attractions.
Integrating intentional malfunctions are a perfect way for show writers to raise the
stakes and create suspenseful moments that will surely keep you on your toes.
So while looking at Disney and Universal rides and attractions, make sure to keep your hands
arms feet and legs inside as we count down the Top 7 Intentional theme park Malfunctions
and Fake Outs.
Number 7 Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
covers 110 acres of land.
Along this ride through the Harambe Wildlife reserve, your journey is led by a safari driver
as you get the chance to see dozens of wild animals.
Now any time a ride has a live cast member conducting a tour, this really allows for
the lines to be blurred as to what’s real or what’s just part of the script.
This first intentional malfunction happens just before you make your way into the red
clay pits.
After spotting the elephants you’ll approach a road closed sign
{Safari Driver} Nobody told me they were closing it
Then taking the detour involved heading across an old rickety bridge.
{Safari} Well I guess we have to go for it.
Now’s a good time to say goodbye to your love ones.
Just in case.
Wow lean to the right.
Okay good leaning everyone nice work.
In the case of this planned malfunction, the cast member really helps heighten the moment
of potential danger and this used to be a part of a larger story.
When the park first opened, Kilimanjaro Safaris used to follow a storyline of poachers making
their way into the reserve.
While you were in the Simba 1 ride vehicle, the Safari warden Mr. Wilson checks in over
the speaker system and upon approaching the elephant section, you’d hear that Little
Red and Big Red haven’t been seen.
Then during a high speed chase, the ride ended with little Red safe and sound and the poachers
being caught.
With the rickety bridge placed right in the middle of the attraction, the original intent
was a bit of foreshadowing to show that now this second half of the journey might not
goes planned.
In 2012 Disney removed little red and the poaching aspect of the story but the shaking
bridge bit still remained.
The effect doesn’t go off for every truck so there may have been times when you crossed
over the bridge and nothing happened.
As of recently within the last year, the bridge effect has been turned off.
Now you just drive right over while hearing more about the elephant species.
Hopefully one day soon this intentional malfunction is incorporated back into the ride.
{Safari} Alright raise your hand if you fell off.
Alright just a few of you.
I’ll take it.
Number 6 We all love a good animatronic malfunction,
Well this next one takes us over to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland and Disney’s
Hollywood Studios.
In Oga’s Cantina you can find the DJ Rex animatronic and this droid has a pretty rich
history at the Disney parks.
Before being reprogrammed as the resident DJ of the Cantina, Rex was formerly known
as RX-24 and used to pilot the Star Speeder ship on Star Tours.
Since Rex went through some reprogramming he definitely has some wires crossed causing
him to glitch and malfunction.
{DJ Rex} Uh-oh.
The hyperdrive is overloading.
It looks like I’m losing altitude fast.
Sorry folks, I’m sure i’ll did better next time.
It was my first time and I’m still getting used to my programming.
Now this is one of those intentional malfunctions that involves Cast members.
In order to get Rex working again they need to fix the generator.
{Crowd} Fix it, fix it!
And when you’re dealing with a bar full of people drinking things might get a bit
{cast member} Harder!
{Rex} two two two.
Hi there!
This intentional malfunction is a great way to bring some kinetic energy into the bar
but it also pays tribute to Rex’s original role as the Starspeeder pilot.
Right before Rex fully shuts down he glitches when you hear-
{DJ Rex} Sorry folks, I’m sure i’ll did better next time.
It was my first time and I’m still getting used to my programming.
At the end of your flight on Star Tours Rex used to say..
{DJ Rex} Sorry folks, I’m sure i’ll did better next time.
It was my first flight and I’m still getting used to my programming.
Pretty much the exact same piece of dialogue.
And you know that famous Star Tours chime.
Yea that one.
Well Rex’s reboot sound is actually the Star Tours Chime.
{Rex} two two two.
Hi there!
And this scenario isn’t the only time Rex malfunctions.
You can also hear him muttering even more of the original Star Tours dialogue.
{Rex} Light speed to Endor!
It’s really fun that all these intentional malfunctions act as little easter eggs to
his past life on Star Tours.
Number 5 A unique feature of Universal Studios Hollywood
is the Backlot Studio Tour which began in July of 1964.
These sound stages and sets are actually home to real Hollywood productions, so it gives
you a behind the scenes look at some movie magic.
The tour includes many staged events-
{Tour Guide} Oh he spotted us.
Hi Norman.
We’re just passing through here.
Its an action packed 45 minutes and since its lead by a live tour guide, you can expect
some surprises along the way.
About halfway through the tour you’ll be lead into Soundstage 50 which your tour guide
says is a hot set.
{Tour Guide} They’ve been shooting a film in here but every time they go on break, they
give us the green light to go in so you can see what the inside of a Soundstage looks
Not allowed to stay in here very long.
The set up from the guide is written in a way to make you believe that you’re just
passing by like nothing’s gonna happen.
But then your guide is abruptly interrupted.
{Tour Guide} Apparently it was important to the director to-ohhhh
okay everybody hold on.
What appears to be a glitch or malfunction turns out to be the Earthquake attraction.
{Tour Guide} We’re shaking.
We’re shaking like anything, oh no.
the ground is shaking up a bit.
I hear the subway.
The subway lookout.
The subways coming for us.
And just when you thought nothing else could happen.
{Tour Guide} Alright I think its over.
Lets get out of here before the water main breaks.
The Guide plays a big role in effectively selling what’s happening, especially during
those first 10 seconds of it glitching.
Then as it keeps happening you clue into its all part of the attraction.
I mean it’s an impressive set up and what’s even more impressive is that everything in
the attraction can reset within 15 seconds so it’s ready for the next tram.
Number 4 The cast of Animatronic bears in Frotnierland’s
Country Bear Jamboree have been entertaining audiences since 1971.
The show is fun musical revue that uses quite a bit of humour to deliver a variety of folk
and country songs.
It’s a charming classic Disney attraction.
Now one iconic character is Big Al and he’s the first example of what we’re calling
attraction fake outs.
Henry and Sammy begin serenading the audience with a rendition of Davy Crocket when
Big Al interrupts with-
{Big Al} Blood on the saddle, and blood all around
And the only way to solve this problem is to get all the other bears on stage to drown
Big Al out with- For a first time viewer there might be a bit
of confusion like “Do we really need to hear the song again” and I oop just kidding,
now its the finale.
Even if you know its coming, its still a fun comedic moment that always gets some laughs
and it’s a perfect Segway to just end the show.
{Henry} So thanks for bearing with us to the bear end.
What do you say Sammy?
{Big Al} Blood on the saddle.
Number 3 Although its not a ride, The Indiana Jones
Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is definitely an attraction and it’s
a great example of how mishaps are worked into a theme park experience.
Now like we’ve seen in the other examples, actors or cast members can be used to make
scripted segments appear as though they’re organic.
They create quick moments of suspense making you believe things are actually going wrong
like here at the end of the boulder scene.
{Director} Cutt!
Jessie you alright?
Jessie, what happened?
Where is he guys?
{Indy} I’m okay!
This same moment with the boulder was also used to create a bit of suspense in that episode
of Full House.
Instead of the crew rushing over, you have hallucinative DJ breaking the moment thinking
Indian Jones is her boyfriend
{DJ} STEVE no!
Everything in the stunt show is so meticulously timed and planned.
Another great mishap moment during the show happens in the demonstration between Marion
and one of the extras.
At the beginning, the casting director selects 10 members from the audience but what a lot
of people don’t know is that one of the extras selected is really a stunt actor posing
as a guest.
Then when it comes to this moment in the show-
{Marion} Taking a punch, is really just as important as throwing one.
You initially think a little mishap just took place and she actually hit him then it becomes
pretty obvious that it’s all part of the show.
{Director} Ladies and Gentleman that’s my stuntman, Alejandro.
With Hollywood Studios moving in a different direction, the stunt show is one of the last
remaining elements that give us a glimpse into the making of the movies.
It’s fun going to this show and reliving those old golden days of Disney MGM Studios.
Number 2 Revenge of the Mummy opened at Universal Studios
Florida in 2004 and this is probably one of the best coaster experiences in Orlando.
What begins as a slow-moving dark ride turns into a thrilling coaster experience reaching
speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.
Although there are no inversions it’s still intense and the fact that a lot of it takes
place in complete darkness adds to the overall thrill.
The adrenaline is pumping when all of a sudden you come to a halt-
{Ride attendant} We Hope you enjoyed your ride.
Please remain seated and keep your arms and legs inside
{Mummy} Prepare to follow your souls.
Death is only the beginning.
My very first time on this coaster, I remember thinking the ride was actually done only to
realize that I was just played.
Well done Universal.
This entire scene is really impressive with that ceiling of flames.
It gets pretty hot in there.
So do you remember your first time on this coaster?
Did you actually fall for this fake-out?
Comment below.
Number 1 Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
takes you on a thrilling journey to the Himalayas where you need to escape the Yeti.
The roller coaster opened in 2006 and Disney spared no detail with the theming.
As you make your way up the lift and into the mountain range, you’re faced with a
broken ripped up track.
Then you quickly realize what can’t go forward must go backward.
Now this whole broken track malfunction causing you to stop is used as a distraction for what’s
happening behind you.
In order to get your train moving backward, there’s a quick track switch that needs
to takes place.
It looks like this, switching from a curved piece to a straight piece.
Then once it’s locked and in place, the train races backwards through the mountain.
As you’re stopped for the 10 seconds, the anticipation builds.
You have no idea when you’re gonna hear those breaks release sending you back and
you also have no idea if you’ll see the bird on a stick.
That’s it right there and sometimes it flies away unannounced and is nowhere to be found
but it's a nice surprise seeing our feathered friend show up.
So what’s your favorite intentional theme park malfunction.
Maybe even one that’s not on the list?
I’d love to know!
Leave a comment down below to start a conversation and don’t forget to hit that like button
if you enjoyed the video.
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Top 7 Ride Malfunctions at Disney and Universal Studios - Intentional Malfunctions

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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