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Hello, my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company PassMyInterview.com,
and in this tutorial, I'm gonna teach you how to answer the paramedic interview question
“Why do you want to be a paramedic?” It is guaranteed to get asked during your paramedic
interview. So if you are preparing to go through the paramedic selection process, then please
do watch this tutorial from beginning to end, because I'm going to give you a great answer
to this paramedic interview question! Now, before I give you the answer, welcome to this
training tutorial. My name is Richard McMunn. I am, as I say, I am a founder of PassMyInterview.com.
I'm a former fire officer of 17 years and I help people like you to pass their paramedic
interview by giving you top scoring answers. Please subscribe to the channel so you don't
miss out on any of the weekly training videos that I'm uploading. And if you enjoy the content,
I'd very much appreciate it if you gave the video a LIKE. Now, when you are answering
that paramedic interview question, and any paramedic interview question for that matter,
make sure you demonstrate the following key skills and attributes. You need to show your
ability to remain calm under extreme pressure. You have to show a desire that you've got
to have a positive impact on people's lives whilst working within the community. You also
have to show an ability to follow important safety rules and ambulance service procedures,
and also the paramedic operational protocol. Also demonstrate that you are able to work
as part of a wider team and also alongside other emergency services and key stakeholders,
and also have an understanding of the importance of dynamic risk assessment and how this affects
the role of a paramedic, because you have to stay safe. Your colleagues need to be safe.
And also the community you are working alongside have to be safe, too. And as I say, you can
be working under extreme pressure. So let's have a look at my answer to the paramedic
interview question. Why do you want to be a paramedic? Here we go. “I want to be a
paramedic because it is a role where you not only get to have a significant impact on people’s
lives, but it is also a role where you have to take responsibility for your actions, perform
under pressure and also use a variety of interpersonal and technical skills to achieve your work
objectives. I have spent lots of time studying the person specification, and not only do
I believe I have the potential to become a highly proficient and competent paramedic,
but I also understand the nature of the role requires a unique set of skills that need
to be applied in difficult and often stressful situations. Being a naturally fit, organized,
disciplined and confident person, I feel I could excel within this role and feel you
would be impressed with my strong work ethics, my ability to work with everyone on an inclusive
basis, and also my ability to absorb, learn and apply lots of job specific information.”
That's a solid answer to that paramedic interview question “Why do you want to be a paramedic
now?” If you'd like more paramedic interview answers to the to the paramedic interview,
please click the link below the video. Or if you go through to my website, PassMyInterview.com,
I've got the full list of paramedic interview questions here that I recommend you prepare
for! I hope you've enjoyed that tutorial. If you've got any questions, put them in the
comments section below the video. But I wish you all the best in your pursuit to passing
your paramedic interview. Thank you for watching.
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PARAMEDIC Interview Questions And Answers (Why Do You Want To Be A Paramedic?)

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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