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welcome the TPM vids Disney Beat where we talk about all things Disney if
you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button and click the Bell icon
to be notified when we upload a new video we also have Instagram and Twitter
you can find us at T p.m. videos the Disney theme parks are always changing
and evolving now that the current decade is coming to an end let's see what
happened at the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World
Resort in Florida plus some other important Disney events we'll take a
look at major changes in additions as we count down 100 moments from the Disney
parks through the decade
2010 played off the slow growth of the previous decade so not a lot happened in
this year world of color Disney California Adventure first nighttime
spectacular debuted in June of 2010 as the beginning of the parks five-year
transformation plan then as a tribute to Michael Jackson Captain EO made a grand
return to Disneyland in February and later at Epcot in July moving into 2011
we begin to see the addition of new attractions and rides in January the
Pixar pals countdown the fun parade debuted at Disney's Hollywood Studios
this would actually be the last daily parade seen at the park during the
decade the 3rd Disney cruise ship the Disney Dream sets sail in January then
in 2012 the Disney Fantasy joins the fleet as well
amidst the park transformation Disney California Adventure celebrates its
10-year anniversary on February 8th across the way at Disneyland mickey's
soundsational parade had us marching to the beat as it made its debut in May
also in May star tours the adventure continues takes you to a galaxy far far
away at Disney's Hollywood Studios then at Disneyland in an effort to bring
more Disney characters into Paradise Pier a brand new dark ride The Little
Mermaid Ariel's undersea adventure opens at Disney California Adventure at Magic
Kingdom talking Mickey Wow's guests as he makes his debut at the brand-new
Beaton greet in the town square theater then on October 1st the Walt Disney
World Resort and Magic Kingdom celebrated its 40th anniversary as we
head into 2012 it was a very exciting year of expansions for both Disneyland
and Walt Disney World to start things off
Snow White scary adventures which was an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom
closes in May with construction finally complete Disney California Adventure is
rededicated in June after a massive five-year expansion project this added
one Avista street as the new gateway of the park the entertainment lineup
included the red card newsboys as well as five-and-dime the 12 acre
and also opens with the parks rededication and this introduced a new
level of an immersive lands into the Disney parks three new rides were added
to the lineup which includes Luigi's flying tires
mater's junkyard Jamboree plus the e-ticket attraction Radiator Springs
racers which brought the cars characters right to life on October 1st another
park milestone was reached when Epcot celebrated its 30th anniversary over at
Magic Kingdom December 6 2012 marked the official opening of the new Fantasyland
expansion which included Storybook Circus and the enchanted forest
this brought some new castles to the park which included the beasts castle at
the be our guest restaurant the attraction and chanted tales with Belle
Plus Prince Eric's Castle as the facade for under the sea journey of the Little
Mermaid now 2013 was probably one of the most uneventful years for the Disney
parks Mickey in the magical map opened in the Fantasyland theater at Disneyland
in May and that's it for this year moving right along to 2014 we had to say
goodbye to quite a few attractions at multiple parks at Disney's Animal
Kingdom camp Minnie Mickey closes in January to make way for Pandora the
world of Avatar the iconic pushed the talking trashcan who was a frequent
resident of Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland was thrown in the trash and retired in
February Disney's festival of fantasy parade debuted at Magic Kingdom as a way
to officially celebrate New Fantasyland then in May the land was finally
complete once the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was open to guests at Disney's
Hollywood Studios for the first time in forever a frozen sing-along celebration
opens in June only as a temporary show but still entertains audiences to this
day continuing the string of closures at Walt Disney World
Mickey's jam and jungle parade at Animal Kingdom had its last roarin performance
at the end of May and a parade hasn't returned since the American Idol
Experience closes in August at this Hollywood studios than in September the
iconic backlot tour ceases operations and closes for good over at Epcot
Maelstrom closed in October after 31 years of operation
then in November Muppet vision 3d officially closes at Disney California
Adventure now 2014 was also the year that Fast Pass Plus was introduced into
Walt Disney World eliminating those paper fast passes from the resort now
that were halfway through the decade let's see what 2015 had to offer
well after only two and a half years of operation Luigi's flying tires closes in
February after guests were less than thrilled with the new ride by February
at Walt Disney World The Sorcerer's hat which was installed
for the 100 years of magic celebration was finally removed from Disney's
Hollywood Studios July 17th marked Disneyland's 60th anniversary and to
commence the diamond celebration some new nighttime entertainment was
introduced into the park this included the paint the night parade
as well as the new fireworks spectacular Disneyland forever
back over at Magic Kingdom hocus-pocus villains spell tacular opens during
Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party and to this day it's still the best show
the castle stage has ever seen in November of 2015
Disney cancelled Star Wars weekends at Hollywood studios since there is more
daily Star Wars presents popping up at the park such as the new Star Wars
launch Bay which also opened at Disneyland as we make our way into 2016
this proves to be the most eventful year so far in the decade at Walt Disney
World the year started off with the Osborne lights illuminating the streets
of America at Hollywood studios one last time before it glowed away forever at
Disneyland the year started off with closing Big
Thunder ranch to make way for construction on Star Wars Galaxies edge
after a successful 13-year run in January the cast of Disney's Aladdin a
musical spectacular took their final bow on the Hyperion stage luigi's rollicking
roadsters the first trackless ride in the American
parks opens as the replacement to Luigi's flying tires April was a sad
time for Hollywood studios fans when the streets of America closed permanently to
make way for Star Wars Galaxies edge this meant also losing the lights motors
action stunt show after only 11 years of performances then in May the Tree of
Life awakenings illuminate the centerpiece of Animal Kingdom in an
effort to expand the park into the evening hours
also in May over at California Adventure frozen live at the Hyperion opens at the
Hyperion theater at Disney California Adventure in April we had to say goodbye
to the beloved dream along with Mickey State Show but the brand-new Mickey's
royal friendship fair minutes they view later in June
frozen ever after along with an expanded Norway pavilion opens to guests in June
and to this day the ride is still one of the most popular attractions at Epcot
also at Epcot and Disney California Adventure Soarin over California was
replaced by the brand new soar and around the world in international news
Shanghai Disneyland the 12th Disney theme park opens to guests in June and
is an immediate success then in fall at Magic Kingdom The Muppets presents great
moments in American history begins performances in Liberty Square and even
more Muppet humor was brought to the resort with Muppet mobile labs that have
caught moving right into Halloween the frightfully fun parade is added to the
entertainment lineup at Disneyland Halloween party and speaking of the
holidays jingle bell jingle BAM debuts at Hollywood studios for the Christmas
season as well as Mickey's most merriest celebration during Mickey's very Merry
Christmas party whoo that was quite a year but 2017 had some major excitement
the year started off with the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney
California Adventure closing in Jan you weary after a lucky 13 years of
operation animal kingdom's first nighttime spectacular rivers of light
finally delights audiences in February after being delayed for almost a year as
a media stunt Johnny Depp dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and surprised
guests on the classic attraction at Disneyland May was a big month starting
with the debut of the new nighttime spectacular happily ever after lighting
up the Magic Kingdom sky for the first time over at Disney California Adventure
guardians of the galaxy mission breakout opened as the very first Marvel
attraction in a Disney theme park the largest May edition was the new 12 acre
pandora the world of Avatar which opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom and added two
new rides to the park this includes Navi River journey home to the incredible
Navi Shemin of songs and the ever-so-popular
avatar flight of passage that lets you fly on a banshee in international news
June was also a big month when the Walt Disney Company acquired 97 percent of
the shares in Disneyland Paris officially taking control of the resort
during summer of 2017 the newly refurbished rivers of America was opened
at Disneyland and in July fantasmic 2.0 made its debut giving us a fresh modern
take on this classic nighttime spectacular this summer at Disneyland is
also when the max Pass reservation system was introduced now this year was
in all good news August marked the closing of the universe of energy at
Epcot as well as the closing of the great movie ride at Disney's Hollywood
Studios this marked a pivotal point in the identity of what Hollywood Studios
would become as we find ourselves in 2018 it's a big year for Disney
California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios January 6 2018 and
marked the last time stitches Great Escape was open to guests and even
though it's still listed as a seasonal attraction it's very much defunct
quietly in March of 2018 it's tough to be a bug closes on a noun
at Disney California Adventure then in September all the bugs are exterminated
and bugs land closes to make way for Avengers campus on Pirates of the
Caribbean a brand new auction scene replaced the original scene at both
Magic Kingdom and Disneyland on April 22nd Disney's Animal Kingdom celebrated
its 20th anniversary by debuting up a great bird adventure which replaced
flights of wonder then Disneyland kicks off Pixar fest to celebrate many of our
favorite Pixar moments including a refresh on the Pixar pals countdown to
fun parade guardians of the galaxy awesome mix live opens at Epcot America
Gardens theater in June and this is the first major Marvel presence at Walt
Disney World over at Disney California Adventure the
newly transformed Pixar pier replaced Paradise Pier in June with California
screamin now transformed into the in credit coaster June was also a big month
at Disney's Hollywood Studios when the new 11-acre Toy Story land opened adding
the whimsical alien swirling saucers and Disney's newest coaster slinky dog - in
July Pixar place as we once knew it officially closed its gates that in
December the Disney Junior dance party replaces Disney Junior live on stage as
we head into the final year of the decade you'll see it's Disney's biggest
year to date January 2019 marked the beginning of the celebrations for
Mickey's 90th birthday which included the move it shake it mouseka dance it's
three party at Magic Kingdom and Mickey's mix magic at Disneyland also in
January Pixar place at Disney's Hollywood Studios reopens the guests as
municipal and incredible celebration than staying at Hollywood studios
lightning McQueen's racing academy speeds into Sunset Boulevard bringing in
this amazing animatronic to Walt Disney World at Disney California Adventure
March marked the opening of Jesse's critter carousel which replaced King
Triton's carousel and to continue to celebrate Mickey's 90th birthday
Keis fill her magic opens in hollywood land may 1st mark the 30th anniversary
of Disney's Hollywood Studios and to celebrate the wonderful world of
animation lights up the Chinese Theater the new 14 acres Star Wars Galaxies edge
the most anticipated edition in Disney history opens in May at Disneyland than
in August at Disney's Hollywood Studios both versions of the land introduced
Millennium Falcon smugglers run into the parks attraction lineup after a year
since its opening Pixar pier was finally complete in June once inside out
emotional whirlwind began taking guests for a spin at Epcot we had to say
goodbye to interventions west as the park prepares for its multi-year
transformation the Halloween season also brought some new experiences into the
parks the fireworks show Disney's not so spooky spectacular debuts for Mickey's
not-so-scary Halloween party at Magic Kingdom in California the Disneyland
Resort celebrated Halloween with the oogie boogie bash at Disney California
Adventure this included a brand-new version of world of color called
villainous Plus other Disney villain experiences making our way back to Walt
Disney World there was a new way to get around the
resort in October when Disney Skyliner opened to guests offering a great
bird's-eye view of the resort after a 20-year run illuminations reflections of
Earth lights up the Epcot sky one last time on
September 30th then on October 1st the new short-term show Epcot forever
brought a little spark of imagination into world showcase for the Christmas
season the third new fireworks show of the year
Minnie's wonderful Christmas time fireworks show debuts for Mickey's very
Merry Christmas party then arises the resistance the second ride in galaxy's
edge opens on December 5th at Disney's Hollywood Studios this trackless dark
ride is one of the most ambitious and technologically advanced rides Disney
has developed to date Wow so there you have
it that's ten years of Disney theme park magic and you really see just how much
can change in a decade so what's your favorite moment from the Disney parks
during the decade I'd love to know leave a comment down below to start a
conversation and don't forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the
video oh and be sure to check out some of these other videos which we think
you'll enjoy
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100 Moments from Disney World & Disneyland - New Rides & Closures

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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