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Welcome to Values Quotes. I'm Robert Ferguson. Todays quote is from Walt Disney, the famous
animator, film producer, entrepreneur, and icon behind the Walt Disney Company.
An inspiring quote from Disney is: "All our dreams can come true, if we have
the courage to pursue them." Who better to talk about the value of dreaming
than Walt Disney! As a differentiating value, Dreaming means
imaginative thinking; or a state of mind characterized by abstraction.
Now, some might think that the world Disney created is the only place that can claim:
"Where Dreams Come True." Dreaming is something anyone can do, at anytime, and anywhere.
First, you need to allow yourself to dream, which is like finding your happy thought,
as described in the story of Peter Pan. Open yourself for imaginative thinking where you're
free to create a world in which everything is exactly as you wish it would be, with just
enough happy surprises to keep it interesting. Then, when you find yourself getting excited
about what you can see and feel, take a picture of that image -- in high-definition -- and
post it on your dream board, the place you visit in your heart when you ask the BIG questions,
like: "What would I really like accomplish?" or "How can I make a significant impact in
the world around me" or "What will be my legacy, after I'm gone?"
Once you have clarity and conviction around the dream - that it's your dream - then finding
the courage to actually pursue it will be easy.
So... what's your dream?
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Walt Disney on Dreaming

1578 Folder Collection
Laura Hung published on July 2, 2014
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