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I was in a kitchen at a table. I had a little speaker setup in this kitchen at the table.
My guy Script standing in the doorway of the little screen door
and he had gave me this Justin Timberlake sample.
And he was like, "Bro, you should sample this.”
And I knew I was just gonna take that part and go off with it.
I did make it for SZA intentionally.
I was trying to make her, just give her this alley-oop in the form of a beat.
And she caught that shit and did a slick windmill on it.
It's a crazy concept, I would have never thought it would have went that way.
She really just did her thing on there.
Really came with a concept that's controversial on some levels.
It's cool because at least it's starting a conversation, and it's getting people's attention.
It's like nothing more satisfying than finding just that right set of chords.
That right progression, what was gonna be the right chord progression for it.
And that's when I started, I played these chords right here.
I couldn't figure out what chord to put right there under the vocals.
I just made this part right here.
And that's my favorite part of it.
And at that point I just needed, almost like a glittery layer.
Just to make it sparkle a little bit.
This is what it was at first.
I just started just experimenting with it.
This bass.
You know it's that classic R&B, R&B bass type.
I don't know I found this one sound and I just started going crazy.
I didn't even know what it was gonna end up being.
I was like, “That sound pretty hard.”
That's when I started playing a little melody with the keys.
So now it's like, I went and grabbed a vocal from the sample and added it into this part.
It just became the intro of the song, just randomly.
I just threw it at the beginning.
I started working on the drums and started structuring everything.
The snaps with the reverb, it immediately sets that R&B mood.
I started working on the hi-hat.
Like I knew where the kicks should be in and I just started feeling around,
trying to find the right spots for those, and I just came up with these.
So then after that I just added the snare on the second half of that,
just to give it more impact and just give it like some building up.
It just hits right there.
It's like, “Bow, we lit.”
When I first heard what SZA did to the song I knew it was finna go off,
just because of the concept and how it made me feel right off the bat.
Plus the texture of her voice, over this beat.
Everything about it just feels reminiscent.
It just feels like a R&B hit, just off the bat.
I didn't know how far it would go, and it's still moving right now.
I'm just appreciative that the people appreciate the music.
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The Making Of SZA's "The Weekend" With ThankGod4Cody | Deconstructed

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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