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Welcome to TPMvids Spotlight series where we take a look at a specific ride, event or
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On April 24th 2019, Canada’s Wonderland revealed their new roller coaster for the
2019 season and we were at the park to check it out.
Yukon Striker, the B&M dive coaster is the newest ride at Canada’s Wonderland.
Its the park’s 17th roller coaster which ties Canada’s Wonderland with Cedar Point
in 2nd place for the park with the most coasters.
So this is Yukon Striker, our world record breaking dive roller coaster.
Longest Tallest Fastest dive roller coaster in the world.
We had our first riders on today, its been a great day!
That’s right, Yukon Striker is a record setting coaster that holds three titles!
With it’s 3635 feet of coaster track and a ride time of just over 2 minutes, it’s
the longest but also the tallest dive coaster in the world.
As the train ascends up the lift hill and makes that right turn that takes you to the
edge, it stops there for 3 seconds leaving you hanging.
You’ll then plunge down the 245 foot drop at a 90 degree angle which takes you into
this underground tunnel.
And with the 245 foot drop comes some pretty intense speeds.
Yukon Striker reaches a top speed of 80 miles or 130 km per hour making it the fastest dive
coaster in the world.
Now in terms of inversions you can expect to go upside down a total of 4 times on Yukon
This includes a zero g roll which leads into a vertical loop making this only dive coaster
with a 360 degree loop.
It also acts as a little tribute to Skyrider the old coaster that used to sit on this plot
of land.
Now Yukon Striker is the new ride but it’s also part of a newly themed land for 2019.
It’s been a long time in planning but we’re finally here, we’re proud to say.
Canada’s Wonderland welcomes Frontier Canada for the 2019 season and Yukon Striker is the
Well we started planning with sketches back in 2014.
It’s our show piece attraction in Frontier Canada.
This is our newly themed attraction area and it’s all having to do with the Klondike
gold rush in western Canada.
When Canada’s Wonderland first opened in 1981, The Great Canadian Minebuster was built
with the intention of headlining Frontier Canada but sometimes things just don’t work
Those plans were shelved after the park was opened.
Where the land- where the area for Frontier Canada was supposed to be we ended up doing
a water park instead.
Fast forward 38 years and the idea of Frontier Canada has finally become a reality with an
amazing record setting dive coaster.
B&M is known for manufacturing smooth coasters and Yukon Striker is no different.
It’s an extremely smooth and exhilarating coaster that you’ll be able to experience
for yourself once the park opens to the public on May 3rd.
So sit back enjoy some on and off ride footage of the entire circuit of Yukon Striker at
Canada’s Wonderland.
So what are your thoughts on Yukon Striker?
Do you plan on heading to Canada’s Wonderland to ride this new coaster this season?
I’d love to know!
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if you enjoyed the video.
Thanks so much for watching!
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Yukon Striker Dive Coaster - FULL RIDE Canada's Wonderland 2019

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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