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Welcome the TPM vids disney beat spotlight series where we take a look at
a specific disney related ride event or performance. If you're new to the channel
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On May 31st 2019 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened at the Disneyland Park in
California. This new 14 acre land places you on the planet of Batuu and it's
truly an immersive experience that transports you to a galaxy far far away.
One of the highlights is getting to pilot the Millennium Falcon and you can
do this on the new attraction Smugglers Run. Once you find yourself in the
Millennium Falcon cockpit the attraction is an intimate experience that's
different every time. With interactive elements assigned to each of the three
positions, the pilot, gunner and engineer, you and your team work together to fly
the ship and help Hondo transport the merchandise across the galaxy. The more
successful the team is with flying the Falcon the longer your experience can be.
The entire attraction including the queue and pre-show are highly detailed
we'll be showcasing that entire experience in another video coming soon,
but for now enjoy this full-on ride POV of smugglers run from the right engineer
all available text we have a brilliant freighter that needs immediate transport
back to the maintenance Bank as things being better days better fix off that
before the wookie sees it
so what are your opinions on smugglers run I'd love to know leave a comment
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you enjoyed the video if you have any videos from the Disney parks that you'd
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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run FULL ON RIDE POV Galaxy's Edge

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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