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Welcome to TPM Vids! Today,
We're gonna be looking at more of the best theatre
bloopers and fails. From amateur theatre productions
All the way to the bright lights on Broadway.
So let's kick things off with some falls on stage
NANNY? -sanic sped-
(prepare yourself)
(i have no idea what they're saying)
I think you broke mY hAiR
We need a fix that. (ObViOuSlY)
-slams face-
Let ME try
wink wonk wink wonk
Oh s-
Wheres you going to this time mate?
(when depression hits)
Yea, it certainly helps with my naughty attitude
OOo -laughing-
You know whats worse then falling on stage? its falling OFF of it
tun tun tun
Oh Meh God
Oh mY g-
These are the wardrobe malfunctions
YoUr NoT a LiOn?!? (Dorothy's face)
A secretary's...
Sometimes the show's going gReAt! Until something
breaks. Then your left with a blooper
Just note that the glass bottle she is holding
is a real glass bottle. Play the clip
(rest in peace)
Even Broadway has some bloopers.
I would like to. SoN Of A-
eheh sorry
I'm so excited I lost my (?)
Was it something I said?
Ill give something in return!
oh well some better glue
And sometimes the set falls right over
And no show's complete without a finale.
If you have a video or a fail you'd like to share with us
Follow the link in the description below! Thanks
A lot for watching! Click the TPM icon
on the screen to subscribe to this channel
And check out some of these other videos which we're sure you'll like
-jazzy music-
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TOP THEATRE BLOOPERS PT 2 | Theater Falls & Mishaps

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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