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Welcome to TPMvids Disney beat where we count down all things Disney! Audio
animatronics are a staple of Disney park attractions and over the years these
figures have gotten more and more impressive with much more lifelike
movements but audio animatronics are complex robots which are bound to break
down from time to time. So today we're going to be looking at the Top 10 Disney
attraction animatronic breakdowns. Number 10 Ariel breaks down in the attraction
Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid
at Disney California Adventure
{Singing} I've got whosits and whatsits galore
{Ride Voice Over} Whats this? You've come to a stop. Maybe its that Sea Witch
Listen to me. Stay seated in your clam shell while I get to the bottom of this.
Number 9 All the animatronics in Splash Mountainat Disneyland seem to be taking a little break
{Rider} I think Splash Mountain is broken
Look at the fox.
{Singing} Wonderful feeling, wonderful day. Zip-A-De-Do-Da, zip-a-de-day
Number 8 Mr. Potato Head at Toy Story Midway Mania becomes Mr. Baked Potato head.
{Potato Head} Playin', yes i am. Listen pal! I'm singing, you'll be playing, oh what a treat!
So sweet! It's Jessie, Army Men and Stinky Pete.
Number 7- Although its a malfunction I guess
you can still say life's good for Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland Paris
{Buzz Lightyear} The evil emperor Zerg.
His robotic arm is stealing precious power cells
Number Six- Donald and his Cabieros take a bow in this
malfunction at the Grand Fiesta Tour attraction in Epcot
{Singing} Three cabieros. They say we are birds of a feather.
They are my amigos. No matter where he goes. Where 1 2 & 3 goes we're always together
Number 5 We're back with Mr. Potato Head at Toy Story Midway Mania and it looks
like he's having some trouble with his ear. It happens quite a bit.
There are you happy now.
Number 4- The Olaf animatronic in Frozen Ever After at Epcot may have
started to melt. It looked like he just let himself go.
{Olaf} Elsa wants to give us all some fun. She made everyone, a snowy summer day.
{Ride attendant} Please remain seated at all times. Thank you.
Number 3- One of the Munchkins from the Great Movie Ride in Disney Hollywood
studios has a severe malfunction
anybody need special assistance at all raise your hand any special assistance
He does. Well we know that
Number 2- Someone's rocked the boat at Pirates of
the Caribbean or they just really want to be the munchkin from the great movie
and the number one audio-animatronic malfunction- John from the Carousel of
Progress gets caught in a dab way before the dab was even a thing
Oh my goodness!
Oh my gaw. Ahhhhh! Wooww
Oh my he's one of those
And here's a bonus clip
It's a malfunction from it's a small world
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Top 10 Disney Animatronic Malfunctions | Disney Ride Fails

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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