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  • Hi and welcome back!

  • In this video, well create the second chart, which will be part of our dashboard – a

  • pie chart showing the percentage of the total reviews that each audiobook obtained.

  • The number of reviews is quite important in the marketplace we are studying, and this

  • is the reason why we are interested in finding out which audiobooks collected more reviews.

  • An alternative visualization would be a pie chart showing us the percentage of people

  • who purchased a given audiobook.

  • Ok.

  • Given that we know what we would like to accomplish, things should be easier, right?

  • I’ll add the Rating field to the workspace area.

  • The number we obtained is the sum of all ratings.

  • Let’s useCountfor this measure.

  • Perfect.

  • The total number of reviews is 10,798, and we know for a fact that this is true.

  • Let’s go ahead and add the audiobook names dimension above the ratings field, shall we?

  • This creates a breakdown by audiobook.

  • Exactly what we want to have.

  • Now, I can simply select the pie chart icon within theShow mefunctionality and

  • I’ll create a pie chart.

  • A really tiny one, but still a pie chartTo increase the chart’s size, I can simply

  • click anywhere in the workspace area, hold the Control key and then use the arrow keys.

  • If I press Control and Up, the chart grows vertically, while Control and Right arrow

  • increase the chart’s size horizontally.

  • The opposite is true as well, we can decrease the chart’s size by pressing Ctrl and Down

  • key or Ctrl and Left arrow.

  • AwesomeWhat else?

  • We need labels, right?

  • Otherwise it is difficult to gain an idea what portion of overall reviews a specific

  • audiobook accounted for.

  • I’ll drag theRatingfield inLabeland the number of reviews appears right next

  • to each audiobook (again we need the Count of ratings, and not the Sum).

  • Ok.

  • But how do we display these as a percentage?

  • That’s not that difficult actually.

  • All I have to do is go toAnalysis”, selectPercentage of”, and then click

  • onTable”.

  • BoomHere we are.

  • These are the percentages each audiobook accounted for among the total number of reviews.

  • The pie chart and the labels we added show us that Audiobooks 1 and 2, account for more

  • that 50% of the total number of reviews the company received.

  • Very interesting!

  • The business relies greatly on these best-sellers.

  • In our next lesson, well create the third and final chart that would allow us to complete

  • our initial plan and obtain the dashboard we intended from the very beginning.

Hi and welcome back!

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