B1 Intermediate 12 Folder Collection
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I have makeup on so I need to take a picture [Selfie time after the press conference]
-Where's the remover? -Jung Kook's trying to freeload [Selfie time after the press conference]
-I'll be in everone's selfies -Nice
-Now you take one -Oh, we're taking pictures?
Hey, keep your hands up, what's this
He just doesn't want to take one himself [Members crashing Jin's selfie]
[Members crashing Jin's selfie]
-Ugh!! /-Ugh!! Seriously! - ♪ Where my ♪ [Members crashing Jin's selfie]
-Ughh seriously!! - ♪ pain lies ♪
♪ Let me take ♪
♪ a breath ♪
Upload it
-Hey I like it -It's good
Let's go!
I'm changing clothes
I look so ugly though...
-Huh? -Go look
No solo shots for you, Jin
I don't look normal in any of these
-Nonsense -Jin!
-Go away! -You still look good
No ahh...
Fine, I won't
We're done then?
[Retake attempt No.1]
I said go away!! [FAIL]
Ahh! Go away!!
-They're trying to stop Jin -Ahh!
No no no, don't block me
Jin was super focused
-Jin was super focused -You're uploading another one?
Come on, upload it!!
What am I supposed to do with this?!!!
[Retake attempt No.2]
Oh man...
-It'll take Taehyung 40 minutes -Sorry?
30 minutes?
About 40 minutes
I've got panda eyes
Later, later
I'm uploading this
Remover cut
This Jin, is what we call a remover cut, okay? [A fierce battle of the selfie, younger members WIN!]
[A fierce battle of the selfie, younger members WIN!]
I have so many to upload
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[BANGTAN BOMB] Jin's selfie time - BTS (방탄소년단)

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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