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  • When I was kid, number one meant just being number one. 2

  • The best at everything, trying to be the best at everything, at least. 3

  • And number one in your programs, 4

  • number one in your hearts, so it's a nice thought. 5

  • >> And I know you've already been retired here for almost a year. 6

  • But if you walk around BB&T, a lot of the Luongo jersey is still around for 7

  • every game. 8

  • What does it mean just when you see people wearing your jersey this days? 9

  • >> It's still special, I sit up in the press box, so 10

  • I can see the people at their backs. 11

  • And a lot of times, I can spot a few Luongo jerseys out there, 12

  • which is always a nice feeling to see that you're somebody's favorite player, or 13

  • made an impact on somebody. 14

  • And those are the little things that a lot of people don't see but 15

  • it do mean a lot to me. 16

  • Yeah, it's definitely not the end. 17

  • I mean, maybe it's the end on the ice but like you just said, I'm here every day, 18

  • I'm at every home game, I feel like I'm part of the team still. 19

  • The losses hurt just as much now than they did then when I was playing. 20

  • So I'm fully invested and I'm trying to bring whatever I can 21

  • to take this team to somewhere that it's never been before. 22

  • So just one chapter's been closed but I think another is open for me, and 23

  • that's the way I've been looking at it so far. 24


When I was kid, number one meant just being number one. 2

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