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  • HoM 75

  • This is Jack

  • So, you have the male/female relationship/marriage scenario with the children

  • and now the parents start having conflict and anger

  • and the whole relationship just goes sourand now youve got children.

  • But, what is that expression within the relationship of the marriage actually?

  • It is the inner conflicts within the male and the female because of their past experience with relationships

  • and they know and they finallyrealise‟,

  • whether with awareness or not, that this is not going to fix what they are experiencing within them.

  • Why do parents have children?

  • Because parents believe that children will (I don‟t know) fulfill their relationship ortie the knot even further

  • in terms of having them be together and remain together

  • that the children are there to assist with relationships; many human beings believe that

  • and some in this previous soul-construct

  • that‟s why children are born into this world

  • believing that theyre here to come and mend and fix relationships.

  • Anyway, so, now a divorce occurs, which is like the break-up,

  • but now it‟s like alllegal within the system break-up

  • ; now there‟s more shit that goes on.

  • Now it‟s about money,property and of course, the children.

  • Now these parents are sitting in an entire court case scenario

  • and this happens a lot, much more these days; extensively,

  • where parents sit in the court and the children are nabbing on the deep end of this entire situation

  • while the parents sort out their emotional conflicts in fucking court; in the system.

  • So, now these parents are even fighting about the children.

  • You know, blaming each other for not being fit parents or not being worthy of the children, etc. –

  • but what are they actually nagging at and conflicting and fighting towards/at? Themselves.

  • What are they displaying in front of the court, the system of the world? Themselves.

  • Why does marriage exist and then divorce exist

  • which is like therelationship startand therelationship break-upwithin the system?

  • Because, if that happens within the system,

  • the emotional conflicts that are experienced are even more extensive

  • and when youre locked into the system by marriage and then break-up by divorce,

  • that whole experience gets more lodged into, and feeding, that marriage and divorce system within the world.

  • So, that‟s why this entire system and how it‟s set up within [the] consciousness of the world,

  • supports marriage and supports divorce.

  • That‟s why it exists.

  • So, parents that are currently in court cases,

  • that are experiencing fighting over their children,

  • I suggest you ask the childreneventually

  • because theyll know who is the strongest to be able to take them through this process,

  • while theyre here now and [who] will be more stable. Children are not stupid from that perspective.

  • They know exactly what theyre doing and they know exactly what theyre saying

  • and what it is that theyre here for and what it is [that] theyre experiencing in terms of a higher awareness level.

  • So, from that perspective, they know who theyre required to stay withand that, youre gonna have to make peace with

  • because if they didn‟t „choose the other parent‟, or theychoose one‟:

  • the other one just fucked up and it‟s simpleyou fucked up.

  • And your children know who they are wanting tochooseto be with, during this life, this process,

  • because they know who‟s„strongenough (if you want to call it that),

  • who‟s able to stand with them and remain with them during this process .

  • So, that‟s how the whole marriage scenario starts blowing up,

  • completely out of proportion,and then the children‟s lives are basically fucked up because the parent‟s lives are fucked up

  • and now the children‟s lives are obviously going to turn out the exact same way,

  • because now the children believe that they were not loved and they were not accepted within the whole family scenario

  • and theyre obviously going to search for love and search for acceptancein relationships.

  • And that‟s how this whole system was set up:

  • that the children experience just as fucked up relationships as the parents, as they continue

  • and that‟s how the cycles andsins of the fatherscontinue

  • within this world and within relationship experiences.

  • So, that‟s howrelationship inner conflictswithin human beings lashed out into this world

  • and marriage is the biggest mistake human beings in this world can make,

  • because marriage is the systemtying knotofmind consciousness system relationshipsin this world.

  • But to those who currently have children, etc,

  • well obviously do some interviews in terms of assisting and supporting you there and if youre currently experiencing guilt,

  • or sadness, or remorse, in terms of what I‟m explaining or saying

  • thinking youre apparentlyfucking upyour child‟s lifeyoure not.

  • Well support you there with your children.

  • So, all youve got to worry about: is you, actually

  • and supporting your children in their self-expression and that‟s it.

  • This is Jack, that‟s all I have for now. Thanks.

HoM 75

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