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Hey everybody I'm Jamie Melton with a Franklin Fire Department and I am here
with Assistant Fire Chief Glenn Johnson and we are in the Emergency Operations
Center and chief what can you tell us about what's going on here.
Currently we're monitoring weather conditions both inside the city and the
county - monitoring for any changes so that we can be proactive and take
measures as necessary to alert our public to keep them safe. Is there
anything that's going on right now or what can you tell us about the current
condition and how how the flooding is looking. Currently we're not at flood
stage - we're continuing to monitor however we are anticipating two to three
additional inches of rain coming through the area. We're already dealing with
ground that is saturated - however it could increase the potential for
flooding so as far as road closures we're continuing to monitor our areas
that we know are prone to flood to ensure that we're identifying them
quickly and taking appropriate measures to shut them down. What exactly is the
fire department our fire department doing to prepare and what do we have in
place should the need arise? Based on the weather predictions? We've increased our
staff and we have two four-man boat teams that are prepared to respond in
addition to that there's four other quick response teams located throughout the
county that can help augment our response or our response into other
areas. That's great and can you tell everyone a little bit about how the
Emergency Operations Center works together with all of the jurisdictions
throughout the county? Basically the Emergency Operations
Center is where all the decision-makers come together. That way they can
establish the relationships and work across lines because in an emergency
you're going to be competing for the same resources so this basically is to
help us establish that communications so that each jurisdiction or entity can be
properly or properly received the resources that they need. I'm here now
with Hannah Bleam - she is the External Affairs Officer for the Emergency
Management Agency and Hannah is going to tell us about a new program here will
you Williamson County yes right now we
have launched our Williamson Ready program Williamson Ready is a
preparedness program for our community to tap into. So you can find us at
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Franklin Insider: Franklin and Williamson County Weather Preps

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 7, 2020
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