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  • You might remember last year when I found a super high tech smart lock.

  • That was pretty cool and had a lot of promises, a lot of cool features, but some of the models

  • had a defect where you could rotate off the back panel and unlock the lock with just a

  • small simple screw driver in only a few seconds.

  • Not a feature you really want to have on something that's protecting your stuff.

  • Well Tapplock reached out and said they did a total redesign of the lock and added a few

  • more cool features, and invited me to retest this new version.

  • This is not a sponsored video.

  • I bought these 4 locks with my own money.

  • The real question is, am I taking apart this smart lock because I actually care what's

  • inside?

  • Or is it because I want to use my brand new 18 volt, brushless, deep cup, portable bandsaw?

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • I bought 4 of these locks myself, in order to have a sample size large enough to analyze

  • properly.

  • A smart lock is kind of like a regular lock, except it has a fingerprint scanner.

  • It can also hold 500 fingerprints and stay charged for up to a full year.

  • With the app you can share access to the lock remotely, and it keeps a history of who's

  • unlocked the lock.

  • There's a lot going on.

  • There's also really nothing wrong with owning a regular normal style combination lock, but

  • it is cool to see how the technology is adapting into different industries.

  • The main physical problem with the original Tapplock One that I tested previously was

  • that the back wasn't latched properly on some units, and it could just twist off, exposing

  • easy access to the internals.

  • This time around I'm using the same super sticky GoPro mount to grab that circular back

  • panel and try to rotate it off.

  • And lucky for Tapplock, these back panels are all staying attached and in place.

  • So far, the Tapplock One Plus has better construction than it's predecessor.

  • So far, so good.

  • But we still need to get inside.

  • And now for the fun part.

  • [Sawing sounds]

  • My saw did a really good job of cutting through the regular zinc alloy metal body, which is

  • to be expected.

  • But when my saw reached the hardened stainless steel shackle, things got way more difficult.

  • I flipped the lock around to the back side and started cutting again.

  • [Sawing sounds]

  • Getting somewhere.

  • You can definitely smell the battery that's in there.

  • So it looks like a back panel right here, and even with it cut in half, it's still not

  • rotating off, which does mean Tapplock has solved that problem.

  • It's definitely much more difficult to get inside of than last time.

  • Let's see if we can pry this open a little bit.

  • Nope.

  • [Sawing sounds]

  • Phew.

  • Finally.

  • Even after being sliced in half, the lock is still locked.

  • You can see the cross section of the fingerprint scanner going to the motherboard which is

  • separated by massive amounts of metal from the internal battery.

  • The battery itself lasts for 3,500 openings, or up to a year without it needing to be recharged

  • again.

  • And the whole contraption is also ip67 water resistant, so using it outside in the weather

  • should be just fine.

  • It looks like Tapplock has also updated the internal screws which was another one of my

  • suggestions in the last video.

  • These screw heads are like nothing I've ever seen before.

  • So even if someone does somehow manage to get inside, they still can't access anything

  • without the proprietary hard-to-find screwdriver.

  • That's a huge improvement.

  • You can also see the charging port down here at the bottom with it's rubber sealant to

  • help keep water out.

  • That's another perk over the previous design.

  • Here's a closeup look at the top half of the lock.

  • We can see the same proprietary screw holding the front and back halves together, and how

  • much metal is involved in the overall construction.

  • Tapplock has done a much better job this time around with the redesign.

  • Nice work.

  • With the different internals, the screw redesign, and the added water resistance, the Tapplock

  • One Plus is what a smart lock should be.

  • But like with most technology, it is relatively expensive.

  • I'll put a link down in the video description if you want to check the current pricing.

  • And yeah, thumbs up to Tapplock for acknowledging a fault, switching up their design, and coming

  • out with something better.

  • Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already.

  • Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter.

  • And thanks a ton for watching, I'll see you around.

You might remember last year when I found a super high tech smart lock.

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