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  • For centuries

  • man has looked to the stars for answers to its most pressing dilemmas.

  • Just as curious ancient societies once sought to learn the future from the

  • heavens,

  • so do today's nuclear physicists.

  • Some believe that nuclear fusion, or the process that stars including our sun

  • use to produce energy,

  • may provide an alternative to current limited energy sources.

  • A global collaboration was formed

  • consisting of the U.S., the European Union, Japan, Russia, China, India,

  • and South Korea.

  • Member nations are building a prototype fusion power plant known as a ITER,

  • which is latin for "the way".

  • The objective is to understand the properties of matter undergoing intense

  • fusion reactions

  • and to serve as a test bed for future fusion power producing reactors.

  • Inside the tomamak, high powered radio waves at several frequencies

  • and highly energetic beams of neutral atoms

  • will heat and control the plasma, or the fuel, in the reaction process.

  • The plasma is an ionized gas made up of

  • the hydrogen isotopes deuterium

  • and tritium

  • that will eventually reach one hundred fifty million degrees.

  • After the plasma has reached a sufficient density,

  • it is further heated by injecting extremely high velocity neutral

  • deuterium atoms.

  • These charged particles are confined by the magnetic field and their density

  • continues to build over time.

  • As the beam particles collide with the lower energy plasma particles

  • they transfer energy to the plasma

  • thereby heating it and driving current.

  • Once in operation,

  • ITER will serve as a working laboratory in which scientists can test the various

  • components of the design

  • and further refine fusion energy

  • so that it might one day provide the world with a clean virtually limitless

  • energy source.

For centuries

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Fusion Energy Production by Deuterium Particle Injection

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