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  • Greetings and welcome to an LGR sock thing! Yeah it's that time of year again. I got

  • some limited-edition socks for sale and this time around it's not woodgrain

  • it's not like LGR branded stuff, it's just some socks that I think maybe could

  • be a neat design that you might want to purchase. And very much like I've done in

  • the past it's through Bakdrop, except they're not called Bakdrop anymore

  • they're called Tribe. I don't know why they changed their name, to make it all confusing

  • and whatever. So anyway they did and they approached me like "let's do some cool

  • socks" I'm like "all right cool let's make something up." And so we kind of ripped

  • something off! [laughs] Here was sort of the inspiration for the sock. So back when

  • I did the Windows 3.0 video for the LGR Woodgrain 486 upgrade there was this

  • background for Windows 3 and it just struck me. And apparently a lot of you as

  • well because I got a bunch of comments and stuff being like "whoa dude"

  • "vaporwave background." It just looks great. I'm like you know what? I kind of

  • want that on my feet. So we came up with these socks. Nyaah! It looks sort of like

  • that. And so if you want to you can purchase some socks for yourself, your

  • friends and family, and anybody that happens to like colors. I don't know how

  • these actually look on feet yet, it's kind of a -- it's a little different than

  • the other sacks I've done before. I don't have a sample of them, I would show them

  • like in person. Like just pretend these are the socks, don't they look great? If

  • you think it's an interesting thing and you want to support LGR through some

  • socks you can do that! They cost 14 bucks per pair, they're supposed to be one size

  • fits all and in my experience they are. And yeah I get a couple bucks for

  • every pair sold so if you want to do that head over to

  • and it'll take you over to that page and there's links in the description

  • and all that kinda stuff too. But you know alright, sales pitch over. And that's

  • about it! I made some socks. I didn't make 'em at all, I just told them to make some

  • and so they did. That was a really involved collaboration. Speaking of

  • collaborations I'm collaborating with myself on some upcoming videos. One of

  • those is sat on the shelf behind me. In fact a few videos that I'm planning are

  • sat on shelves behind me. But as far as the next one it's pretty

  • friggin big, requested highly for years. And then there's some other things that

  • I just happen to like, I don't know. I stick stuff on shelves behind me because

  • that's what you do as a YouTuber: you put things in the background so people can

  • look at when they don't want look at your stupid face. And also to show you

  • that "hey look there's objects that I identify with and appreciate." "And this is

  • sort of a representation of the channel because I'm too lazy to come up with a

  • good description of it." Y'know I don't want to build an actual set so I just got some cheapo

  • shelves there's probably some things on there that like aren't the most

  • important to me, probably a fan-made thing or two like look at that somebody

  • made that for me holy crap! This is a video talking about an announcement for

  • socks, daggone it. Like I mean I have plenty of ideas for merchandise I just don't think

  • anybody will buy them. Like LGR mugs or something? I've sold those forever! Anyway yeah. Thank

  • you very much for watching, for all the support continually of LGR stuff. And if

  • you want to see more I guess you'll watch more.

Greetings and welcome to an LGR sock thing! Yeah it's that time of year again. I got

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