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Consisting of two islands, the larger, Perhentian Besar, and the smaller, Perhentian Kecil,
the Perhentian Islands are just about an hours boat trip from Kota Baru on the North East
Coast of Peninsula Malaysia.
'Perhentian' is a Malay word meaning 'place to stop'. The islands were once a regular
place for weary traders to to stop over for a rest. Today, little has changed, only now
travelers come from all over the world to 'stop' and to 'reconnect' with nature and
The centerpiece of a marine park, the islands are fringed with clear white sand, and are
surrounded by crystal clear waters and dazzling coral reefs.
There are no roads on the Perhentians, but there are water taxis and jungle paths should
visitors feel the need to explore.
The Perhentian Marine Park is a renowned diving destination, the islands are home to numerous
operators catering to all levels of divers.
Most accommodations are right on the beach. By day, visitors head off to various diving
locations around the park, or simply enjoy the sparkling waters only meters from their
front doors.
As the sun sets, the sound of soft music and relaxed conversation mingles with the smoke
from barbecues in the cool night air.
The Perhentian Islands; there is no better 'place to stop', it is just 'the leaving'
which might prove difficult!
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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

5788 Folder Collection
Yue Hua Liu published on December 14, 2013
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