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  • There, their, and theyre sound the same. How do you know which is the right one to

  • use in your sentence? You have to think about the meaning of each of these words.

  • THERE (t-h-e-r-e) is a place. Right there {pointing}. See it? Think of here and there

  • - those are both places. If you can use the wordhere,” you can use the wordthere.”

  • (just add on a t). This is the correct THERE to use even if the place youre talking

  • about is vague, like…”They have some tall trees out there in the Westor when you

  • sayHow’s the weather up there?” to someone tall. Actually, you should not say

  • that to someone who is tall - they know theyre tall, you don’t have to point it out.

  • THERE (t-h-e-r-e) is also used with the verb TO BE (is, are, was, were).

  • {singing} There is a light and it never goes out...

  • There are two types of people in this world… {singsong} There was an old woman who lived

  • in a shoe. {spooked} And then, there were none.

  • THEIR (t-h-e-i-r) is a possessive. It means something belongs to THEM.

  • Bonnie and Clyde washed their car. Their dog ran away. Here’s a hint: if you look closely,

  • the wordheiris insidetheir.” An heirloom belongs to a family. All the family’s

  • possessions will eventually belong to an heir. That should help you recognize that this word,

  • their, is a possessive. If youre still not suretheiris

  • the right word, try substituting in another possessive, likemyoryour.” Their

  • house is beautiful. My house is beautiful. Your house is beautiful. These are all correct,

  • so you should use the possessive their, t-h-e-i-r.

  • THEYRE (t-h-e-y-apostrophe-r-e) is a CONTRACTION ofThey are.”

  • Theyre coming to stay for three weeks. They are!?

  • Theyre my favourite band. Here’s the rule for this one: See if you

  • can substitutethey areinstead of theyre. They are my favourite band. See, that works.

  • How about this one: There is going to be rain tomorrow.” They are is going to be rain

  • tomorrow. You’d never say that! That would be the wrong kind oftherethere. Which

  • therebelongs with the verb

  • TO BE? T-h-e-r-e.

There, their, and theyre sound the same. How do you know which is the right one to

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