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  • Hello world

  • Python is a clean and powerful programming language. You can use it to build websites,

  • analyze Data, write utilities and create many other kinds of software.

  • It's become a tradition that when you learn a new programming language,

  • you start with a program that prints the message hello world.

  • To begin you need to install python.

  • You may already have python installed on your system.

  • To check open a terminal, if you're using Linux or OS X.

  • If you're using Windows open a command prompt by pressing start and typing cmd.

  • Next type python and press enter.

  • If you see a version number and a prompt, then you're good to go,

  • but if you receive an error, then you will need to download and install python.

  • Go to the site and Click download.

  • There are different versions of python. I'd recommend you install the latest version.

  • Depending on when you watch this video, you may see different version numbers than the ones displayed here.

  • Once you've installed python. Open a terminal and type python. This will start the interpreter and put you in interactive mode

  • This lets you play around with python and quickly try code

  • We're now ready to say hello world. To do this we type print hello world and press enter.

  • et voilà !

  • Now we'll say hello using a program instead of using the interactive python console,

  • so exit python by typing quit with parenthesis and pressing enter.

  • Create a folder somewhere on your computer called python underscore examples.

  • Next, open your favorite text editor. Type in the same command we used earlier print. Hello world

  • Save this file and call it

  • Python programs all end in py

  • The 01 at the beginning is so all our examples will be nicely sorted.

  • We're using two digits so we can make up to 99 examples.

  • Now run this program. To do this type python and the file name then press enter.

  • There it is our first python program.

  • Now that we've installed python and said hello.

  • We're ready to begin learning about the nuts and bolts of the language.

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Hello world

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