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  • Dear Thay, Dear Sangha

  • What children do when teacher

  • makes fun of you in front of the whole class

  • and your class laugh about you?

  • Very difficult

  • I think the best way is to laugh along

  • to laugh with the whole class

  • to join the class and laughing

  • that is the most beautiful thing to do

  • in that occasion

  • because, sometimes.........

  • something is not funny

  • but people believe to be funny

  • there is a wrong perception

  • maybe you will grow up and become a teacher

  • so you should prepare ourselves

  • and not to do like that

  • teachers need time to grow

  • into a good teacher

  • It is not because you are graduated

  • from teachers college

  • that you can be a good teacher right away

  • So teachers can make mistake

  • and Thay also make mistake also

  • as a young teacher

  • and he is still make mistakes

  • But he learns everyday being a teacher

  • and he has learned so much from his students

  • So.........

  • not only teachers

  • but everyone should not

  • make fun of someone

  • because they will cause suffering

  • Sometimes it is not the intention

  • to make you suffer

  • but because that person lack of some skilfulness

  • Even when he wants to teach you

  • he can teach you in such a way that

  • does not make you hurt

  • and that is something we have to learn

  • teacher or not

Dear Thay, Dear Sangha

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Thich Nhat Hanh is asked: "What should I do when your teacher makes fun of you?"

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    孫子文 posted on 2013/12/12
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