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  • (gentle country music)

  • - Now, when I first came to Franklin, Tennessee,

  • I was a visitor, and I realized wow,

  • this is a great place to set a story.

  • Then now that I lived here, I realize that Franklin

  • is the intersection of a thousand stories.

  • It's your story.

  • It's my story.

  • And even all the way back to the Civil War days,

  • you can feel the fabric of story

  • in the buildings along Main Street.

  • I was inspired to write my book, The Bridge

  • because of the actual stores and street

  • in downtown Franklin.

  • It was incredible.

  • - Me and my family love Franklin, Tennessee.

  • I don't know of any other place like it.

  • It is small town, USA.

  • I'm a 10 minute drive int downtown Franklin.

  • Main Street, what a place.

  • And we got, obviously, the famous Franklin Theatre

  • that was going to be demolished,

  • and we resurrected that place.

  • A great place to do concerts, which I've been honored

  • to be a part of a few myself there.

  • - I'm Melinda Doolittle, and I'm from American Idol.

  • I love life, but what I love most about it

  • is coming home to Franklin, Tennessee.

  • - I, personally, like all the little boutiques,

  • all the little gift shops.

  • I'm all about going in and out,

  • making sure all the store owners are well.

  • I try to make it about them, and then I leave

  • with armloads of goodies.

  • - There's so much to do here.

  • We got antiques shops.

  • The people are great.

  • The restaurants are great.

  • I've done a lot of functions here.

  • We've got The Factory.

  • It's an amazing place.

  • - There's a lot of non-profit organizations in Franklin,

  • filled with people that really have a desire

  • to reach out into the other communities

  • to make the world a better place.

  • - The people in Franklin are kinda like none other.

  • You know?

  • There are a lot of people that are

  • in this entertainment business,

  • but we all want a place to call home,

  • and so it's just the homiest place ever.

  • - When we first moved here, the festivals are what drew us.

  • We'd go downtown for Dickens Festival, for the Pumpkin Fest,

  • and people would just be like they knew each other.

  • You felt like you were in this small town

  • or maybe transported back to a day decades ago.

  • - Hospitality has been premier here in the Franklin area.

  • My experience has been one of feeling as though I'm home,

  • like instantly.

  • I've only been here six years, but in those six years,

  • I've lived a whole life because opportunities abound.

  • - Like everything about Franklin makes me happy.

  • - You wanna visit Franklin, Tennessee.

  • There's no place like it.

  • Everybody, I'm Michael W. Smith.

  • - This is Karen Kingsbury.

  • - Dan Haseltine.

  • - Hi, I'm Melinda Doolittle.

  • - Hi, I'm Patsy Clairmont.

  • Y'all just come on in and we'll poor you some sweet tea.

(gentle country music)

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Franklin , Tennessee - from those who call it home

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