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journalism with Stanley Special Branch you are being charged
with 27 breaches of the Official Secrets Act
you must come with us now I haven't done anything wrong
there's a file on you starting in 1938 when you went to Cambridge University
world was same different then you've no idea I'm looking for a personal
assistant but you come highly recommended first-class certificate
specialising in theoretical physics even members of the cabinet don't know what
we do hmm are you allowed to tell what you do at
Cambridge you were known to consult with communists it was for John I read every
member who politicized you then they think that you might be part of some
Cambridge spy ring it's like a nightmare company returning imagine one atom split
producing huge amounts of energy or ending bond the Russians need to help
the Baathist be feared when you gonna realize you're wasting
your time because we're not are we it's astounding the first atomic bomb has
been dropped on the Japanese city of a Rasha Rasha usually God you do with me
they should bring masturbate on it I don't think so but we're allies sorry I
don't know you and your mother for all of this was going to be destroyed
what would you say it's up to you
is anything he ever told me Ashley true I was fighting for the living
I loved my country
we don't have much time use your heart instead of your head no idea
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Red Joan Trailer HD #1 (2019) ENG SUBS | TT

47 Folder Collection
Chia-Lin Hsin published on March 6, 2020
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