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  • View of volcano Gunung Agung from Bali Hai Beach Club at Nusa Lembongan

  • Bali Hai Beach Club Bay at Nusa Lembongan

  • Bali Hai Tide Huts at Nusa Lembongan resort

  • Bali Hai Beach Club Pool & Bar

  • View from the Beach Club to Main Island

  • Serendipity - One of our Dive Boats

  • Manta Point - Nusa Penida

  • Giant Manta Ray

  • Giant Manta Ray gliding over the cleaning station

  • Crystal Bay - Nusa Penida

  • Schools of Redtooth Triggerfish (arched tail)

  • Reef Fish: Fairy Basslets (Orange, Scalefin..) Pale Tail Chromis, Unicornfish

  • School of Orange Fairy Basslets and a Bignose Unocornfish (at the front)

  • Mola Mola (Ocean Sun Fish) with couple of Longfin Bannerfish cleaning the Molas skin

  • Orange Fairy Basslets, Chromis, Damselfish

  • Two Singular Bannerfish (at the front of the screen)

  • Tulamben - USAT Liberty shipwreck

  • Schooling Big Eye Jacks at the middle parts of the wreck

  • Tessalata (Honeycomb) Moray Eel

  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle

  • Humphead Parrotfish

  • View from the bow end of the "Gargo- hold" of the wreck

  • Dusky Garden Eels

  • Schooling juvenile Striped Catfish

  • Razorfish

  • Blue Ring Angelfish

  • Potato Cod/-Grouper

  • Zebra Moray Eel

  • Reef scene: Gorgonian Sea Fans, Sea Crinoids, Leathery soft corals..

  • School of Fairy Basslets

  • Gorgonian Sea Fan

  • (Red) Dendrotha soft coral with Sea Crinoids attached to it

  • Scribbled Pufferfish with Cleaner Wrasse

  • Two Pacific Yellow Rabbitfish

  • Red Sea Bass

  • Tulamben - Seraya Secrets

  • Thorny Seahorse

  • Magnificent Anemone Shrimp (Periclimenes magnificus)

  • Harlequin Crab

  • Painted Frogfish

  • Flag-tail Shrimp Goby with its symbiotic partner, (Randall's) Snapping Shrimp

  • Three Pygmy Seahorse

  • Pygmy Seahorse

  • Sea Urchin Shrimp (Stegopontonia commensalis)

  • Blue Ribbon Eel

  • Leaf Scorpionfish - yellow phase

  • Mantis Shrimp

  • Shelled Snail - Cowrie (subspecies of E.c.blaesa)

  • Devil Stinger Scorpionfish

  • Pygmy Seahorse on Gorgonian Fan

  • Clown Frogfish

  • Allied Cowrie - Ovulidae (Hiata brunneiterma)

  • Clown Frogfish

  • Nudibranch - Facelinidae

  • Nudibranchs on Sea Star

  • Siphonophore

  • Hermit Crab

  • Nudibranch - Platydorididae

  • Nudibranch - Pleurobranchidae

  • Harp (Harpa ventricosa) - Shelled Sea Slug

  • Spotted Filefish

  • Pygmy Seahorse on Gorgonian Fan

  • Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera elegans)

  • Broadclub Cuttlefish

  • Boxer Crab (Lybia tesselata)

  • Common Seahorse

  • Broadclub Cuttlefish

  • Anemone feeding with its tentacles

  • Halimeda Ghostpipefish

  • Harlequin Crab (Lissocarcinus orbicunalis) on Tube Anemone

  • Nudibranch - Pleurobranchidae

  • Nudibranch - Scyllaeidae

  • Soft-coral Goby on a Sea Tunicate

  • Dahlia Anemone

  • Two Pandalid Shrimps on a Sea Star

  • Spider Crab

  • Elegant Squat Lobster

View of volcano Gunung Agung from Bali Hai Beach Club at Nusa Lembongan

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