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Hey everyone this is Nadia from Scuba Diver Life.
Right now we're touring around Indonesia
We're really excited because SeaLife Cameras has given us some of their awesome gear
so we can take great photos and videos, so let's go explore.
First off, we're taking the ReefMaster camera out
the camera is waterproof up to two hundred feet and is expandable with all of SeaLife's accessories.
This camera shoots nine megapixel still images
and has very impressive video capabilities.
The ReefMaster kit includes a wide angle lens which allowed us to get a lot more in our underwater shots.
Next up we got to play around with the new fisheye lens for their DC series cameras.
We popped the lens on our new DC1400
which allowed us to capture some really great wide angle shots around Indonesia.
The wide angle lens increases the viewing field on the DC1400 by eighty percent
for a very impressive underwater capturing experience.
We had a great opportunity to use the wide angle lens at Clown Valley
which is a wide-angle environment. The ocean floor there is just covered
in anemones and we were very happy with our footage.
We also used the same wide angle lens when we were visiting a small village in Allure
where village kids spent a great deal of time with us
playing underwater.
We spent a lot of our days doing muck diving which is great for macro.
Because the cameras are so small we were able to get right up close to many of the subjects.
Now this is where the DC1400 really shines.
By combining it with the SeaLife flash or photo video light
you can get some really creative shots.
For instance, we took off the video light and was able to maneuver it to the exact position
we wanted
Overall we were very impressed with the images and videos we captured with the DC1400
It did very well in both wide and macro environments.
Next up we played with the SeaLife AquaPod
now this thing is a ton of fun underwater.
It really allowed us to get up close and personal with a variety of sea life
without scaring them off.
The AquaPod is made with non corrosive aluminum and stainless steel
It's very lightweight and very easy to carry around.
We were able to get some stunning footage of a cuttlefish which are usually skittish if you get to
close to them.
We also used it to get some up close shots of a variety of eels and sea snakes
that we saw on the trip.
We had a lot of fun using the mirror on it as well which came in really
handy for self portraits
SeaLife has really hit it off with these new
and we're excited to take them on our next adventure.
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SeaLife Underwater Cameras | Diving Indonesia with SeaLife Underwater Cameras, Lights and Lenses

1885 Folder Collection
Yue Hua Liu published on December 11, 2013
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