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Hi! I'm GingerPaaeeeess-
S..something's wrong here. W-w-what's going on..? Oh!
[b i g c l a p]
That's better! I like color, we're gonna talk about colour.
What color is this apple?
(mumbling) Red...red...
You'd probably say it's red
*Silence*-- But maybe it's not. Let's break this down.
You see here.. We have a light source.
Light: I'm on now!
Look at all these different kinds of colours he has!
White light has all of them.
Now when he strikes an object, like this apple for example
[Squeezing noise] oof [Rest in pepperoni]
the apple gets to choose which colors it would like to keep and absorb,
and which ones that it would like to get rid of, and reflect.
These are the ones we're gonna see. food for thought... food for mouth!
[c r o n c h]
Movin' on!
So you guys ask me a lot of questions about colours, things like: How do you find your color palette?
How do I color backgrounds?
When is the next video it's been three months GingerPale!
Well, shut up and follow me. We're going colour hunting!
Bird: Brraa
Come down here, you're pretty. I want your color.
[Slide whistle sounds] [Epic crossbow shot]
[Thud noise] [10/4 accuracy ginger]
It's just that easy.
Just kidding! You don't actually need to hunt colours.
That's dumb. Don't be dumb.
Yeh-he's fine.
I'm pretty sure if you're watching this video you have access to a computer, a TV, or a phone,
which means you probably have access to a $1 pack of crayons or something.
If not, go to your local crayon forest and pick some out.
[Machine gun fire and Mass murder happens within seconds as Lord Gingerpale harvests materials]
[Rated M for mature]
There, that's probably enough to start playing around with some colors.
Or, if you're working digitally, you already have access to pretty much every colour there is.
Now you have them, but you don't know how to use them,
You're just a wee bahby colorist, and we need to take you into the real world to learn how they interact with each other.
For example, look at this plant.
I'd say it's green.
Or is it?
Yeah, it's green. We're not doing that bit again.
It's brighter areas look like they're being highlighted with a bit of a yellow-y green, and the shaded parts look kind of blue-r.
This is important in shading you see there's
warm colours like red orange and yellow,
and colder colors like blue.
Purple and green kind of flop around because it depends on how much red or yellow is mixed with the blue.
So if you're looking to shade or highlight
Try using colder or warmer colours
Don't just use a darker variation of the main color by adding black
It just makes the colours like muddy and gross and makes you kind of look like-
a b i g s t u p i d d u m d u m
A common occurrence in today's YouTube animation scene is a lack of backgrounds.
A lot of people just floating around in white space.
Hey guys!
Floating in space is fine and all but I like to use them because one
they ground me in an environment;
and two: in addition to temperature, hues can also help portray moods of the video.
Red could be angry or romantic
Yellow could be happy, or romantic?
Blue could be sad... well pretty much just sad.
Wait, watch this. I got a cool trick.
Green is happy!
uhhh..., Sh**, Bit**
uhhh..., [No,nono we are not having that word]
Now we're gonna look at some backgrounds and see how color
plus some music by Louie Zong can help portray different tones.
Here's some hills in the prairies, they look pretty normal,
but normal is boring.
Green hills,
white clouds, blue sky.
t h a t i s b o r i n g .
If you think of the times when you notice the sky looks pretty,
like at a sunset—it's often pink, orange, purple, or yellow.
So let's spice it up a bit.
[Popping sounds]
Using warm colours, it's a desert now!
Although, it still looks kind of boring.
Let's throw some rocks in and I'm a cactus now!
Don't drink from me. I'm full of toxic alkaloids.
But I'm getting kind of sweaty and bored. Let's go home.
[Change to Canadaland]
Oh look, Canada!
Cold Colors making up a cold place!
But I like to avoid using the colourless shades like white and gray and black, so instead I used, blue and purple to make up my snow and ice.
The only time I really like to use black is for lining the main subject of a scene,
Like me for example.
This way I pop out more against the lineless background.
You can also use warm and cold colors together.
Here we made some sort of cotton candy land! ...
You'll notice that the bright, warm colours tend to pop out against the cold ones.
I recommend you just make a general background to start,
and just change out the colors a bunch till you're happy with what you made!
Well, that's all I really have to say about colours for now. So thank you for listening,
and I hope you learned something!
Good boy!
So thanks for watching,
I hope I was able to help you guys learn a little bit more about how I use color.
I would gladly cover more on the topic so feel free to go comment and I'll try and reply with another comment or maybe another video on the matter.
Other than that, we got some pins for sale! Feel free to go check that out. There's a link in the description.
and... don't forget to like, comment..., and subscribe.
And show your mom this video, or your friend.
[English subs by Demonic is dMoNici, Edited by Dapper Fellow, And Baguette changed certain incorrect ,help with the subtitles Jameless Bameless.] [TDR was here and barely did anything D;] [Spycrab was here and did nothing but made it funnier hahaha] [Memeboi849 was here and fixed some serious grammar and timing issues] [qwert existed and fixed some grammar and made it funnier]
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38 Folder Collection
Dora Chyi published on March 4, 2020
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