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  • Nursing to me is the responsibility and

  • privilege of caring for you. Nursing to

  • me is about working with an inspiring

  • team to help support and empower our

  • community. The good days are so rewarding

  • and I also love looking after people

  • when they're in their most vulnerable

  • state. I get to make a difference in

  • somebody's life every day. Being an

  • advocate. Providing holistic care to my

  • patients. To me nursing is about passion.

  • I'm constantly inspired by the next

  • generation of nurses caring dedicated

  • and always trying to improve the way we

  • deliver care. To me nursing is

  • sacrificing that small bit of yourself

  • for the better of others. I enjoy

  • helping people and seeing them recover

  • and go home. Seeing my patients, see them

  • doing well and get a real sense of

  • satisfaction because of that. What's

  • better than going home and knowing

  • you've helped to make a difference?

  • I get to work with a brilliant team of

  • other nurses who are kind and smart.

  • Nursing is about being empathetic and

  • being non-judgmental. Nursing is about

  • the moments we have with patients. I love

  • talking to patients, I love talking to

  • doctors and I love making it all work

  • and having smiles at the end of the day.

  • Being a voice for people in my community,

  • when they are at their most vulnerable.

  • Nursing means working as a team with my

  • fellow nurses, doctors and allied health

  • What I love about nursing is the

  • teamwork that we all practice together

  • Creating a culture where there's

  • opportunities to celebrate successful

  • outcomes. I like the diversity and the

  • opportunities nursing offers for all

  • of our staff. Nursing is really one of

  • the most rewarding and meaningful

  • professions around so to me nursing is

  • the glue that holds the patient's health

  • care journey together. Nursing to me is

  • about kindness and compassion. It's about

  • putting the patient first and meeting their needs.

  • The patient that's who we're here for.

  • Being open to innovation, respecting the

  • difference

  • nurturing my team and allowing them to

  • flourish. Nursing is being an agent

  • for clinical change. Getting to know them

  • and their needs and the needs of their

  • families. driving for the best possible

  • outcome for our consumers. Yeah I just love

  • it. It's probably one of the greatest

  • gifts you can ever get and I just love

  • being a nurse. They inspire me every day I'm

  • proud to be a nurse. I love it here I

  • love being a nurse the most important

  • thing for me is loving what I do every

  • single day

  • Happy International Nurses Day!

  • [Cheers]

  • [Music]

Nursing to me is the responsibility and

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