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(all cheering) T-i-t-a-n-s.
T-i-t-a-n-s. T-i-t-a-n-s.
Syracuse Titans are the best!
(Kaitlyn) It started with a lady in our ward.
She told us how this girl wanted to be a cheerleader.
She was in a wheelchair, and she only had
about a year to live.
(Elleny) She had muscular dystrophy,
and she really-- it was her dream.
She wanted to be on this cheer squad.
(Mrs. McCord) The district said no at first
because of liability reasons.
(Mr. Burton) They were concerned about her safety,
being on the sidelines and near the players,
so they thought it would not be a good idea.
(Kaitlyn) Yeah, I had to do it,
and I knew that I had to do it.
When I brought this idea to Elleny,
I thought, for sure, since they had already gotten a no,
I thought it would be a no.
(Mrs. McCord) After, you know, the girls and our administration
had a chance to kind of share their story,
it's something they really supported.
(Elleny) We told Mr. Johnson
about this girl, and he said,
"You know what? Absolutely.
We're knowing to give this girl her dream."
Katie went and told Brittany.
She gave her a phone call,
and when Brittany heard this, she was freaking out.
(Brittany) Because I just wasn't ready for it,
and my mom was jumping.
Everybody was just jumping and so excited.
(Mr. Burton) The day she received
her uniform was during one of our assemblies,
and they brought her out and presented her to
the student body as a new cheerleader.
(Elleny) Mr. Johnson came out and he said,
"She is our honorary cheerleader for the year,
and she has muscular dystrophy,"
and kind of addressed the situation.
(Mrs. McCord) The whole student body went crazy.
(Mr. Burton) The response that she received
from our student body was amazing.
(Kaitlyn) The crowd was just going nuts,
and her face was just glowing.
(Brittany) I felt very special.
(Elleny) When we were cheering at our homecoming game,
at halftime Brittany was out there on the sidelines.
And the announcer came on and he said,
"The cheerleaders have a gift for Brittany Crocket,
our honorary cheerleader."
(Kaitlyn) It was this letterman's jacket,
and it said "Brittany" and the year that she will graduate.
(Elleny) And we also got a Titan blanket.
She was speechless, and it just gave all of us chills.
(Kaitlyn) Every game she would be wearing
the letterman's jacket with the Titans blanket over her.
(Brittany) It made me feel special.
It was beautiful.
I felt loved.
(Elleny) When Brittany is out there with us cheering,
it is a whole other experience because she would just rally
and she would do circles in her wheelchair.
You can just tell that she loves it.
(Brittany) I think that Katie and Elleny
are examples of the believers by just the way they act.
They are clean with dress and speech,
and they're just so kind and understanding,
and they think of other people before themselves.
(Kaitlyn) You just really have to love
who you're around, and you have to love the gospel,
and you can't be afraid to show that.
(Elleny) Brittany has brought
so many blessings to not only the squad,
but myself.
(Katilyn) She's just the best thing
that's happened to this team and this school.
(Brittany) It's especially helpful
to know that I'm never alone,
even when I feel like it.
I'll always be loved.
(Kaitlyn) It's just been really good to get to know her,
and she's an amazing girl.
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Charity: An Example of the Believers

949 Folder Collection
Bing-Je published on December 9, 2013
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