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I'm gonna show you the perfect way to cook an amazing steak served with a flambé sauce.
Season your steak, both sides, salt and pepper.
Hot pan, a touch of oil.
Steak in.
A touch of rosemary, or a sprig, thyme.
You get a great sear on it, both sides.
Take it out, let it rest.
Then, start that incredible sauce.
A touch of butter, your mushrooms, chopped garlic.
And then finally, your chopped shallots, which you've got to color on those mushrooms.
It's time to flambé.
Cognac in.
Now steak goes back in.
A couple tablespoons of stock and cream.
Bring that to the boil and literally start coating my steak with my sauce.
And from there, finish with some chopped, fresh parsley.
Coat the steak with that wonderful sauce.
That is how to cook a steak like a true master chef.
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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make An Amazing Steak | TASTE OF FOX

2710 Folder Collection
Estelle published on March 3, 2020
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