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What is going on Members of the Barrio?
It's Jon coming to you from Tokyo.
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Well today we're going to show you around a Japanese 7-11.
Here in Shinjuku.
I love these stores
because this a very expensive country
but if you just want to get a cheap snack
even a cheap meal,
they've got it all at 7-11.
And they're a bit different
than the 7-11's you're probably used to
in other places around the world.
Why don't we... go inside.
What's your favorite thing to buy at a Japanese 7-11?
I'll show you, you'll see.
The first thing you see here is a little seating area.
If you order food you can take it there.
What are you looking at?
They have a lot of products for makeup and beauty.
This is by far Adriana's favorite thing here:
Pocky sticks.
They're just a dollar-fifty.
Give or take.
They are so much cheaper in Japan than anywhere else.
What are you doing?
Give it to me.
Another favorite in Japan:
Chocolate everywhere.
If you're desperate for souvenirs,
come to 7-11.
You can take everything with you.
Everything's so good.
I'm just going to take this one with me for now.
But I'm going to show you something.
Alright we're going on a trip.
Energy drinks?
Energy drinks.
Vitamin orange.
They look like poisons?
Or like syrup, like medical syrup.
They look very serious.
The Japanese energy drinks, they taste awful
but they get the trick done.
Guys...look at the snack section.
Oh yeah, here we go.
This is where you can get meals basically.
This is my favorite because
it's just rice.
I like it.
This is where you can go to pack up on lunch.
How much do the sandwiches cost?
No idea...
Uhh.. almost 3 dollars.
Show everyone.
It's a burger !
A burger.
Tons and tons of healthy options here
if you want to have any kind of lunch.
For example:
Tuna salad, just 2 dollars.
This stuff is great.
I love the breads here.
All the snacks,
just the pastries.
These are so cheap.
You just come here any time of day and grab one,
you're good.
We have American whiskey's here.
We have Japanese whisky
for about 14 dollars.
And we have a sake collection here.
Guys look at this you can bring your sake to a...soccer game?
To a picnic , I don't know.
It's like a little juice pack of sake.
Adriana is looking for her favorite flavored beer.
The sweetened beer we had.
It's not here.
She's so sad now.
Godiva chocolate, oh yeah!
Now we're talking.
Something I have to mention guys,
if you're looking for protein bars... be careful.
Because some of them are meat flavored.
Oh the meat flavored protein bars.
Plenty of chicken and corn dog options.
These are the... pork buns right here.
They are famous
at 7-11.
Cheap too.
When you see red, it means warm.
This coffee is really hot right now.
You can buy this in vending machines
or you can buy it at 7-11.
I recommend this over the Japanese energy drinks.
For sure.
They have all sorts of magazines here, including some... adult themes
behind there.
We're not going to film but
you can kind of use your imagination.
I don't even know what this is?
But it looks amazing.
I'm so boring, but this is actually the number one item
I probably bought at 7-11's in the last month in Japan.
Chocolate chip cookies
or Japanese style Macha white... Macha white choco.
Less than 5 dollars for...
2 boxes of Pocky sticks
Broken pocky sticks
And... two mini-waters.
Guys something you have to be careful with
when you buy water in Japan.
Sometimes you can find this in English, sometimes you don't.
Some waters look like natural water,
they're actually lemonade water.
Lemon water, yeah.
Yeah so... when you try them,
you're like... ehh...
What is this?
Alright Members of the Barrio.
That was a quick trip to a Japanese 7-11.
Have you ever been to a Japanese 7-11 before?
I'm curious what's your favorite product?
I think I'm holding one of mine right here.
And Adriana's.
But they had so many random items in there
that you would only find in this country.
So I hope you enjoyed.
Make sure to subscribe if you are new to this channel.
We've still got a bit more coming up
from Japan.
Thank you so much for watching.
Until next time.
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American Goes Inside a 7-ELEVEN in Japan!

127 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on March 3, 2020    gahui yu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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