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what's up guys welcome to the vlog welcome back to my channel today we're
doing the last one to leave the RV keeps it and behind me we have a massive RV
you gotta check is so big we're about to stay in this thing as long forever
forever so we're gonna be here for so long just look I know I'm gonna beat
this stand there for scale real quick I mean look at how tall it's absolutely
huge it goes all the way down this way 30
feet and we're even towing the dune buggy there's a ladder to go up to the
roof so there's gonna be all kinds of space so let's get started and let's
meet the contestants but first we got whoa I could live in this thing pretty
comfortably yeah you and Millie yep me and Millie you're just driving around
the u.s. up next we got stones whoo does this thing have TVs in it yeah it's got
a TV on the inside and what on the outside whoa up next we got Cory Funk
hey what's up guys I'm gonna win this easily there's beds to sleep in I could
see you forever I'm used to staying places forever I have ADHD I'm probably
gonna loose but I'll bet I'll get it I'll get it I got it up next we got
charlie what's up guys I'm gonna win this thing I'm gonna help Cory yeah I
think we're matching we're on the dream team being him so let's get it and last
but not least I'm also going to be competing in today's challenge so there
are the five of us so let's get started let's climb on the RV when the last
person hops on the challenge officially starts all right Cory's on first
Charlie's up I'm up so the challenge has officially begun check this thing out
we have all of our stuff in here you're trying to get us out aren't you
uh-uh I'll give you 40 not to fart the whole trip yeah all right guys I kind of
know the lay of the land so I'm definitely where the lights in here are
their lights Carter oh ho okay you guys are gonna this is
crazy I call this room this is my biggest room in the entire RV and um
nobody can say nothing cuz I already called it it's mine check it out
I'm pretty sure my room sorry some um there's no TV out there what there's
three alright so there is I don't know if Liz showed you guys there's a kitchen
in here I got the UH at the fridge all stocked up right now
the microwave I mean this is a legit home on wheels right now I maybe got
look at this bathroom we got a shower I mean I might stay here and serve my
place actually this is nicer than my place oh okay and that's it for MTV
Cribs okay it's kind of cramped up to be honest it's category yeah other thing is
when you park you can expand it okay but right now it's in the small it expands
it gets like way bigger like twice the size of this thing
oh we got a fire wall from there oh this whole thing just goes out so it gets
really big but it's got to be small so we can drive and I didn't tell anyone
but uh that's exactly we're gonna do we're gonna be taking us on a little
road trip back what I thought were just thing in front of your house well you
know RVs are meant to be driven Liz so I think it's always fair go for a little
yeah yeah all right still now we're getting nice and cozy right here the TV
isn't working and hold up the house is moving though in the back oh no where we
going are we going well Carter moving well let's hit me we're moving we're
cruising see it's a mobile home we're dragging the dune buggy
looking good does that come with your views well um I guess so I mean let's
attach to it so I call Shotgun and you could you get in it right now does that
count as do you on I feel like I'm driving like a yacht it's so big bust
the trailer on the back the car that we're pulling this thing is like
probably 40-plus feet long all right Carter so where are we going we're going
to the beach go to the beach yeah that sounds good I like that so something
like you got the dune buggy yeah but you know you can't leave the RV though
otherwise you lose okay they in the RV place so he's attached to the RV so that
can we climb out the back window and go on to the do but I guess that would
probably work as long as you're on a car this is kind of like last to leave car
parts here so as long as you stay on the car they usually hug I like that I like
that so so you guys are ready for this oh yeah so we're gonna be watching him
have fun what about you baby this there's a lot on the line here we have
we have to stay in here yeah there's a lot on the line well as long as you're
on a vehicle I think he said you'd be fine so you guys go on ahead
look you literally could just like step out right now are you still driving yeah
oh we're moving no I'm just gonna stay back here's car your drive home take a
nap we'll just go through everything see if I can find snacks cuz I'm kind of
hungry what's in here duct tape I can't tie everyone up are you doing I've got
you yeah all right you have catch it hey stove what I found your brother fighting
pan Banda here hey you guys let's see oh look hey Cory can you give me some water
so if I win this challenge and I get to keep the RV I'm probably gonna sell it
and get like $100,000 and use that on a smaller RV because this one's like dude
I can't even drive this thing so if I win this I think I'm literally just
gonna quit my job and just go travel like I have everything I need you I got
snacks I got a bathroom we got a shower like what's stopping me if I win this
challenge and I get to keep the RV and we're just gonna do last sleeve RV apart
- huh if I win I'm probably just gonna live in this thing forever I mean it has
everything I would ever need and everything I ever want hey so what are
you gonna do if you wouldn't this oh okay
made a little pit stop we're at the beach too bad he can't go down there
otherwise you will get eliminated let's turn on the stove we cooked us some hot
dogs and I think it's time to expand this thing I'll show you guys how much
bigger this RV can get we're expanding I just woke up from a nap
don't really know what's going on odd smells food and like oh it's extending
just look at my foot my foots gonna be right here
so she that's where a trailer to us to pcap now absolutely unit now it isn't as
though it wasn't absolutely unit now it's a an absolute absolute unit mmm
guys check this out the beach is nice I really want to go out there I think
everyone else does too all right guys I have a you guys want to
go out on the beach yeah so I think we're gonna do a two-minute break
well the two minutes on the clock you guys can leave the RV without getting
eliminated do whatever you want on the ocean or on the beach or whatever we
have to be back within two minutes really no yeah yeah we've been on the
road for a few hours now I think it's time to take a break go out and get our
you know get our feet sandy let's go I'm grabbing the wetsuit and get into ocean
come on you're going in touches the ground we're gonna start the target okay
go go the timer starts going in the water
okay let's go two minutes we're all the beat let's go
no guys
take a look
I've actually said Disney death
it is called disco baby right guys we only have 20 seconds to get back on the
RV twenty second nineteen eight sided 76 to be better 15 14 13 I was a close call
I was really cool oh my god the beach was nice the water was way too cold
we're back on the road we have a hundred and twenty five more miles to go let's
okay we have been in this RV for so long I'm getting hungry so I'm gonna maybe
utilize the kitchen a little bit and cook something I don't know whoa a
sandwich now liz is gonna make us food that's pretty
uh very kind of her Oh
crazy Oh Lizzy work it all right here goes
you're gonna need the snow are you making a mouth is watering right now
we cook them on the road this is the life right here we cook a burger in the
RV that you're driving while we're driving through California but it's a
fun car to drive for it's like a fun house to drive we made it to the
campsite 275 how many miles do you think we drove today drove 177 miles today all
right guys we drove 177 miles to the campsite where we are now it is it's
nighttime it is freezing outside I even brought a a beanie
instead of got his beanie on California in California it's freezing right now
the coldest weather we felt in about a year and a half it's like 45 degrees out
and we live in oh it's super cranky yeah guys we're set up we got a bed here we
got a bed there we got a bed here and of course we got the master in the back hey
Carter where are you sleeping tonight I'd wanted one of the many beds where
you sleeping biggest of them all what claim this bed I already claimed this
room it's good put one two four maybe I'll sleep here oh yeah we got a nice
setup we got food drink this late like this in that caliber 177 miles now that
I don't intend on leaving this RV or disco CH yeah that's the thing guys we
have so much here I mean we have a full kitchen we have a full bathroom shower
xx we got everything that honestly I don't know how if anyone's gonna leave
it'll be interesting to see who the first one Lee
this RV the person to be eliminated I guess we'll find out in the morning
okay so we've been here mmm all night we had dinner in here and we had breakfast
in here yeah I just think it's time to get out and you just had breakfast yeah
delicious I'm getting kinda claustrophobic
Carter what are you doing well you get out of here I was wondering where you
want it I'm trying to get out this so you're dating yourself
nope just need to get out first impression err I think so
he gets eliminated I think guys oh okay so just look harder you're leaving touch
the road ditch who's gonna drive that are being listen I'm not leaving I'm not
touching the girl you gotta I gotta go okay bye
he's out of here he's out guys I think Carter's out he eliminated himself easy
Lord car we go what he was getting sick of you you what that's good for us right
yeah sick of you you say you're getting sick though right yeah I don't want to
good thing it's almost Thanksgiving I need to be healthy what's that noise no
I haven't touched the ground yet so as long as you don't touch the ground it's
like Flores love it and yeah it's all good I'm happening I don't want to get
out of there it's stinky you're coming too I can't come I don't I'm gonna go in
the front all right we're good to go I can't believe we got everyone into the
dune buggy that was not part of the plan
all right we're almost here guys what do you mean we're almost here we got a
little something waiting for us we got a ways these are ours check it out guys
these are whores so as long as you don't touch the ground you guys are still in
the competition we have a few more vehicles that are all fair game so take
your take your pick gone war is over for the ATV list you better hurry do you
want to drive something don't touch the grounder you get
eliminated okay so it looks like everyone went that way so let me do the
go ya think I'm gonna hop on the quads really okay
- oh my god we're good
all right tell me what you got lived
okay I'll be back
you're stepping home yeah all right you secret's safe with me so she just said
now which means she's disqualified I think I'm gonna go tell Cory right now I
think I saw him just over there all right come here
I'm jumping over she's out you ready let's go she's out
great somebody check this out so it looks flat right
but as you get up to the edge you start to realize it's not so flat look at
the hero is officially launched it's the hottest new team on YouTube go to team
Road calm after this video
I'm having such a good time out here filming these videos and doing
challenges especially we get to come to cool places like this so honestly I'm
never gonna need to do buggy I don't know what everyone else is up to though
so as you are technically out because we just didn't film it doesn't mean it
didn't happen so you are out but the mob there's really not to tell anyone
no but that's why I pushed him off because he told me and I saw at the same
time - thank you finding it ok so I think all that's left is so it's just
you starving Carter left in the game that is true at this point I'm Marty Oz
and we are on the road again they're going another 175 miles in the RV this
time we got Stoke drivin having a big boy this time thing is up pace how do
you like driving it oh I loved it at first I was like whoo I don't know if I
can handle the beast but after driving it's actually smooth sailing and
honestly I can't wait to win this thing it's so funny because driving this thing
is like driving a couch there's this city la-z-boy
relax and only thing missing though is a massage a massage we only have a few
people left in this challenge we have a well mean Stover both in it and then
Corey and he's in the back sleeping right now I mean this thing is just so
cool so we'll see how many more days we can make it in here we've already done
two days day two is coming to an end we're about to hit day three and just a
couple of hours we'll probably hit day three by the time we even get to our
next location
I mean I guess they've been here for days I'll tell you that right now Carter
yeah I could probably do a couple more days in here we still have some more
food we slowed up some like eggs and stuff so probably cook it up and keep
blasting I got it go you know sooner or later I'm gonna have to like go home and
no one's leaving like I'm just gonna just gonna leave now dude I have to go
soon as you touch the ground the floor is lovely
pack the stuff litter just gave an RV away like that Wow lost like you know
that's a hundred grand right there so that shouldn't be a new that well you
know I might hug her down one more day no I need my house is right here guys
that's my bedroom just right up there but uh I do want to keep this thing I
have to leave I don't know what to do you think they should settle it with a
game of Rochambeau it was a game of rock-paper-scissors out Liz yeah we'll
let you two settle this Jimmy should we do $100,000 Rochambeau way a whole lot
are you saying that I left right now and you guys are about to get and the next
person out I got just left over a game of rock-paper-scissors let me get
another game of three if it's Rochambeau dang it love let's come down to Robbie
oh I'm ready oh my eye I'm just yeah ready yeah ready
you're welcome any time we get on a Stokes home right now around here are
you Sonny Boy oh I made it I made it mom I made it I won an RV yeah well let's
see which tanks are fullest to have fun with that all right guys well that was
last to leave an RV that was one of the craziest videos we did one of the
longest things we've ever done and stone walked away with this or if you sell it
or whatever you do with this be very interesting and this you guys in the
next vlog bye new owner of an RV but it's not that practical for me so I'm
gonna sell it and give myself a Tesla now
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12 Folder Collection
2013068 published on March 2, 2020
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