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Hi, Carl here for ProAV TV and today we are talking about Sony, or more specifically,
their new 18-110mm lens. This is designed as an all purpose video lens for users of
the fs5 and fs7. It gives you the standard focal lengths you need in everyday shooting,
so that you can rely on just one lens to cover you for most situations. Great for anyone
doing run and gun film making, documentary, news, weddings. Basically if your reacting
to the world around you when your filming rather than being in complete control, this
is a great lens for you.
To really understand this lens though, you need to know what came before it. This is
Sony's 28-135mm lens which was released along side the fs7 when it first launched two years
ago. It had some really great features, built in power zoom, optical steadishot the choice
of a clicked or declicked aperture ring and full manual focus rather than fly by wire
focusing which you fine on Sony's stills glass. It was also built to cover a full frame sensor,
which you would have thought would be a great thing. But actually, because the cameras its
used on are super 35mm cameras rather than full frame, it ended up a rather strange focal
length. 28mm at its widest end is just not quite wide enough on a camera like the fs7
or fs5 when your using the lens as a standard zoom. This meant that this lens actually works
better on Sony's mirror less cameras like the a7s, which is a combination no one really
actually used. Because, well, the lens is twice the size of the camera and it ends up
looking like this.
So fast forward to now, and Sony have given us this, the 18-110mm. The big difference
is that this one is designed for super 35mm sensors, hence the wider focal range of 18-110.
18 is significantly wider than 28mm and is a very common wide focal length to use. You
do lose a little on the telephoto end as it finishes at 110mm rather than 135mm, but after
actually using it the difference isn't as much as you might think. So this focal range
is much more convinient when your using an fs7 or fs5. Making this the best standard
zoom in Sony's range for those cameras.
The focal length isn't the only thing Sony have changed here though. They have also added
some pitch gears to the focus ring so that you can use a follow focus if you want. Plus
the manual zooming has been completely overhauled. On the older lens when you zoomed manually
it had to use the servo motors, giving you a smooth but slightly slow and unresponsive
response. On this lens however, when you flip that switch from servo to manual it completely
disengages the servo motors and gives you actual manual control. Its a small change,
but it does make the lens so much nicer to use.
Sony have designed these lenses for use in video and so have done their best to minimise
any focus breathing, axial shift, technical elements like that. In my brief tests I did
notice a little breathing, but its very minimal, perhaps slightly better than the older 28-135mm
lens but they are both pretty good to be honest. They don't hold up to true cinema glass, but
they are certainly a long way better than still lenses are.
For me, this lens is better in every way than the older 28-135mm if your using it with an
fs5 or fs7. Sony really have upped their game and given us a very serious contender for
people looking for an all purpose standard zoom designed for video. So what do you think
of the lens? Let us know in the comments section below, and make sure to like the video and
subscribe to the channel for more. Thanks for watching, and i'll see you in the next
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Sony 18-110mm Lens - Hands On Overview

57 Folder Collection
Youwu Jiang published on March 1, 2020
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