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- What's up, THENX athletes?
I'm Arica Sky, and today I'm gonna show you
how to grow your glutes the best way.
(smooth dance music)
All right, guys, let's get started.
Today I'm gonna show you
how to grow your glutes the best way.
In my opinion, the best way is with glute isolation.
Most glute exercises target your butt,
but emphasize on a particular area,
which is why it's so important
to use a combination of exercises
to emphasize on all of those areas.
Neglecting certain exercises
may hinder your growth in certain areas.
For example, kickbacks are gonna target your upper glutes
while something like jumping squats
are gonna target that lower peachy area.
If the goal is not just growing your glutes,
but having a nice, round, aesthetic, perfect shape,
then glute isolation is a must.
Today I'm gonna show you a workout
that incorporates glute isolation.
We're gonna be using exercises
that emphasize on each area of the glutes.
Okay, let's go.
Our first movement is gonna be side lunges,
15 reps on each leg.
Let's go.
(smooth dance music)
All right, next leg.
This is really gonna get those
outside areas of those glutes.
All right, next one, kick backs on the bench.
(intense dance music)
We're gonna do it 10 reps each leg,
and this is gonna get the top area of the glutes.
Make sure you're completely squeezing your glutes
and completely tightening up your core.
Really, really feel that squeeze at the top.
All right, on to the next movement.
We're gonna do kick pumps.
This is one of my very favorite movements,
and it really, really gets that upper area right here.
10 reps each side.
(heavy dance music)
And again, really, really squeeze at the top.
On these, you really wanna make that mind/muscle connection.
All right, for the last of the kick backs,
we're gonna be doing lateral kicks.
(intense dance music)
This particular movement
is really gonna emphasize on the side.
And the other leg.
Woo, all right!
Next one is gonna be jumping squats,
and these plyometrics really, really get the lower glutes
and make sure you get that nice, round,
perfect, perky butt.
Let's go.
(smooth dance music)
C'mon, guys, you got it!
Keep on moving.
Keep your core tight,
and make sure you really, really breathe in this.
The next move that we're gonna do is step-ups.
This one we're gonna do with 10 reps each.
Push through it.
All right, next leg.
Remember, guys, plyos is really gonna grow that booty.
All right, the last move that we're gonna do
is 20 seconds on the jump rope.
This is really, really good for fat burning
and slimming down that waist,
which is great for the aesthetic appearance of your glutes.
And of course, jumping is a plyometric,
which is really, really good for that booty gain.
All right, guys, let's go.
(smooth dance music)
All right, there was the end of round one.
We need to do it three more
to complete the total of four rounds.
In that workout, we targeted every area of the glutes.
We did those side lunges and those lateral kicks
to really, really get the outside, side area of the glutes.
Then we also did the kick backs and the kick pumps,
which really, really focus and emphasize
on the top area of your glutes.
Then we did our jumping squats,
which really target the lower areas
to make it round, tight, and perky,
and most importantly, to grow that booty.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you liked this video,
make sure to smash that like button!
Remember, this is how to grow your glutes the best way,
through glute isolation.
For more workout routines
to get you in the best shape of your life,
sign up right now at thenx.com.
Become a member and get full access
to all our workout programs,
technique guides, and daily workouts
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Download the THENX app in the App Store
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Thanks so much for watching.
Let us know what you want the next video to be about
in the comments section below.
We'll see you next Sunday 8 p.m. Eastern time.
Bye, guys.
- [Chris] Hey, it's Chris.
Thanks for watching.
The THENX team and I will be in Toronto, Canada
June 24th at the Project RISE gym.
Space is extremely limited,
so buy your tickets right now before they're all sold out
at thenx.com/blog/events,
and I'll see you there.
(intense dance music)
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How To GROW Your GLUTES ( WORKOUT ) | 2018

474 Folder Collection
Caurora published on March 1, 2020
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