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  • Hi there.

  • I'm really excited to talk to you about some of the safety items that 3M has to offer for

  • your industry.

  • You know, it's not something that we use a whole lot out on the jobsites, but we do have

  • respiratory protection available.

  • We've got just a nice, entry level like this, which is going to do, do lots of all the protection,

  • it's an N95 rated dust mask.

  • It does protect.

  • Some of the ones that you see don't actually really protect; they're just called a dust

  • mask.

  • This is actually really called a respirator.

  • So it does protect your lungs and protects you from getting debris and things inside.

  • If you're going to install this, there's a couple things you need to do.

  • You actually need to stretch your bands a little bit, do this.

  • And then when you put it on, I see this all the time, people take and then they pinch

  • with one hand.

  • And that will always give you a little hook and you'll have a leak.

  • So the proper installation is to take, is once you form it to your face, use both hands.

  • So, as I'm going to do here.

  • For more information on these 3M products, contact your local Graybar representative

  • or dial 1 800-GRAYBAR.

Hi there.

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