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Hi Swedish, good morning
You'll have to excuse my morning voice
I just woke up and I am tired as hell
But it's time to go up and go to work
But first we actually have to go to the vet
Mani has some butt problems, so to speak
Pain in his ass
We've all had that
Hi Mani, good morning
Should we go to the vet and check your butt hole?
What the f... I'm supposed to speak Swedish
Pink shoes from Jennie Ellen
My favorite jeans from H&M
Seriously I wear them at least 3 times a week
And a sweater from Stylenanda at Asos
I like it, it's very boxy and... you get it
Now we're heading to the vet
So now the anus is emptied
Now we're walking to the office
Right now we're at Observatorielunden
We actually stand up here every New Year's Eve and watch all the fireworks
Ouch f*ck it's hot
I bought some breakfast
I almost never eat breakfast at home before work
So either buy something with me or make something at the office
Now I got two little sandwiches, coffee and juice
Freshly squeezed juice with spinach, apple and stuff
It's delicious
Ouch my blisters...
Should we do a little morning dance
And here's our moped
I love driving this moped, and now the summer is almost here
Hi everyone, good morning
Oh shit now she's peeing everywhere
She always gets so happy when she sees me so she can't really hold it in
This happens to humans too when they see me
This is the best thing about coming to the office
When you are greeted by a happy little Dachshund puppy
And Gustav
Now I'm gonna eat my breakfast, it's around 9am
So I have some time to eat before I get to work
Ok so this is my very glamorous breakfast
One mini sandwich with cheese and tomato and rocket salad
And then one with egg and caviar
And also one fresh juice with spinach, apple, pineapple and lemon
And coffee
My dear little brother, so sweet
And here's our little messy studio corner at the office
I thought I could show you some news that will arrive in store soon
A denim jacket with pearls on the back
This maxi dress is so freaking pretty
Here's a super cute dress
I love it
This is another cute print that will arrive soon
A lot of white and orange
Perfect slippers
And some crochet
And now we also have shoes as you might know
These heels will arrive soon
And these, I love them. Blue heels
And these! So damn pretty
It's time for lunch
Boys, are you ready?
Okey let's go
He's so sad every time we leave
Bye Mani
My blisters
Can someone carry me
Ali carry me
Now we're sitting at Café Nero, it's one of my favorite places here in Stockholm
I eat lunch here all the time
This is Fredrik, he's my best friend at work
Okey, Joey as well
I'm having an amazing tuna salad
It's so good
Their pasta is also really good
But today I felt for a salad
My camera died on the way back to the office after lunch
And of course I didn't have the charger with me
So freaking annoying
I haven't been able to film for a couple of hours
But now I'm at home, it's around 4:30 and I'm gonna take a shower
And then I'm going to my friend Klara to get a little spraytan
I get a spraytan every now and then during winter and spring
Because you don't get so much sun here in Sweden
And I don't like it when I'm this pale
And later tonight the kids are coming over to try on their dresses for the wedding
So that will be fun
They are super excited to try them on
I texted them last night and told them that the dresses had arrived
And they wanted to come right away but they were already in bed
So it had to wait for today
Now I'm gonna take a shower and then get going
I'm gonna take you with me into the shower
No just kidding
I'm gonna put on some music
I only listen to Ed Sheeran's latest album right now
I love that album so much
I'm gonna play this one
There are quite a lot of traffic, it's around 5.30 and it's usually a lot of traffic at that time
Well for little Sweden
I'm here now but I'm a bit early and I think Klara has another customer before me
So I'll stay here in the car for a little while
I prepared Klara that I'm filming
My camera team and I
I'm coming, I'm walking in the woods, picking blueberries
Now I have to put this down, this is getting embarrassing
This is before. I look like a ghost
And now I look like this
It's always too much color before you take the first shower
So I will not look like this tomorrow
But the difference is pretty big though
It's always tough going home when you've gotten a spraytan
You do not want to meet someone looking like this
Oh shit I'm gonna get hit by a car
I promise it will look good later when I've showered it off
Okey I know many of you are curious and want to know what song Aleks and I have chosen for the first dance at the wedding
And... Here it is!
It's sooo good
We knew right away when we heard it that this was going to be our song for the first dance
We haven't really had an "our song"
At least not a song that would suit for the first dance
We've had songs like T.I - Whatever you like & Jay Sean - Down
Those are songs that reminds us of the beginning of our relationship
And we couldn't really have those...
So we had to search a bit
And you know I love Ed's music
And I made Aleks start liking it too
Because I've been playing his albums a lot in the car and at home
Perfect will be... perfect
You are so cute
What are we having?
Breaded plaice fillet
I've ordered something
What do you think it is
It's actually not a bag. I can imagine many of you think it is
But it is...
A pair of shoes!
I've wanted these shoes for so long and now I finally got a hold of a pair in black
I'm so happy
They will be perfect for Coachella
They're comfortable, will toughen up cute dresses
I really like them a lot
Why are you so brown
Because I got a spraytan
Now we're gonna open it
Here they are!
Wait wait wait
Take it easy
We need to find which one goes to whom
This is size 128, it's yours
Are you ready to try them on?
This turned out so nice!
So pretty
Yes, this will be really nice
Now it's time for food
We're having fish with potatoes and veggies
Homeland and some chocolate
Perfect end of this day!
Baby there's been an earthquake we have to go
There's been an earthquake
We have to hurry
I fell a sleep on the couch
I do it all the time
It's impossible for me to lie on the couch and watch something without falling asleep
As you can see I've showered off all the color now
So now it looks a little bit better
And now I'm gonna go to bed
I'm gonna end this vlog here
I have to say that it was actually fun to speak Swedish in a vlog
Of course it feels more natural
I mean it's really weird for me to speak English with Aleks and my friends
So of course it feels more natural to speak Swedish
But on the other hand, 60 percent of my viewers are NOT from Sweden
So it makes more sense to do my videos in English so that everyone understand
Because subtitles...Well.. It will take a while for me to write subtitles for this vlog (*2hours*)
Now I'm gonna end this
Thanks for watching, see you next Sunday. Bye!
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MY FIRST SWEDISH VLOG! - (with English subtitles)

161 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 29, 2020
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