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Jony Ive: Apple Watch Series 4 is more than an evolution.
It represents a fundamental redesign and re-engineering
of Apple Watch.
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While retaining the original iconic design,
we've developed and refined the form,
also managing to make it thinner.
The new display is now over 30 per cent larger
and is seamlessly integrated into the product.
The interface has been redesigned for our new display,
providing more information with richer detail.
The hardware and the software combine to define
a very new and truly integrated singular design.
Navigating with the Digital Crown,
already one of the most intricate mechanisms
we've ever created,
has been entirely re-engineered with haptic feedback,
delivering a precise mechanical feel as you scroll.
In addition to an optical heart sensor,
there is a new Apple-designed electrical heart sensor
that allows you to quickly
and accurately record your heart rate
simply by placing a finger on the Digital Crown.
Additional features and enhancements
encourage us to live an overall healthier,
more active life.
The accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter
allow you to record new types of workouts,
measure runs with increased precision,
and track your all-day activity with great accuracy.
Enhanced cellular connectivity
enables something truly liberating:
the ability to stay connected with just your watch.
Phone calls, music streaming and even emergency assistance
are all immediately available from your wrist.
Apple Watch Series 4 is a device so powerful,
so personal, so liberating,
it can change the way you live each day.

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Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 Apple

59 Folder Collection
WanXun Tsai published on February 28, 2020
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