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Oh, are we wearing the same shirt?
Oh, shi...!
Welcome back to another episode of
Just kidding! Check out our merch,
just in case you haven't got it.
Today, we are going to be watching a genius
that can talk while playing
a musical instrument at the same time.
- This is multitasking to the next level. - Yeah...
- And he's, the text is like, explaining the situation. - Yeah.
As in narrating the story.
Oh, no!
(both) Wow!
That was mostly matched up.
- That is freaking hard. Yeah. - Dude... And the sound was there, consistent.
*singing melody*
It's not perfectly aligned, but it's
- pretty... aligned. - Yeah.
- That pizzicato! - Wow!
"To be heard." ♪ Deng ♪
*singing melody*
Whoa. Wow.
- We should try this! - Yeah.
- Oh my god, it's gonna be so hard. - Yeah.
When he started the quavers, and then the talking,
- Yeah. - My brain was just mushy, it was like...
What am I trying to focus on?
- Am I listening to this text? - Yeah!
The speaking? Am I listening to the music?
Wow, this is like...
- This, but times a thousand. - Yeah.
Oh yeah, 'cause you kinda like,
- talk like this, is that right? - Yeah, 'cause you naturally if you play loud you go,
I know why you wanna talk louder!
- Because you wanna hear yourself. - 'Cause the music's gonna... Yeah.
If you're playing louder, you naturally talk louder.
- It's like when you put headphones on. - Yeah.
You're like, "What??"
(both) Whoa...!
- Was he even playing it right? 'Cause I couldn't tell. - I couldn't tell.
*melody singing intensifies*
I like how he finished it just before the punchline.
- So like, "Failing is now extremely difficult"... - "Difficult."
...is like, heard.
I wonder how much this guy practiced this.
How would you practice it?
In the practice room just like,
- "I'm gonna play..." - "And now I will play..."
- Oh, my god. Let's try it. - Let's try it. I wanna see what happens.
All right.
All right!
We have...
little musical excerpts each,
a slow one and a fast one.
And we're gonna try [to] talk while playing.
Oh my god!
This is sightreading, too.
- We haven't practiced. - Yeah, we haven't practiced this at all.
It got prepared for us.
It's so slow!
This doesn't make sense!
Dude, the sentence doesn't make sense!
You're getting louder and louder.
I feel like I gotta play faster, or talk slower.
- Yeah, 'cause the music is slow. - The music's too slow.
I gotta pace my talking.
Okay, let me just try it one more time.
Talking's slow.
Oh, my god. That was so funny.
Oh, my toe!
No, it's funny when you got up high...
Your talking went up.
Eddy: And when it came down,
then you went back down and like...
- Wow...! - It was really funny.
Also, shoutout to our friend, who helped us make this.
This is really funny.
- Oh, I'm going to the pitch! - Yeah!
- You're going to a...! - I went to a D!
- You were like, ♪ You guys ♪ - I went like, ♪ I know you guys ♪
You started singing!
You're supposed to talk, not sing!
- Oh my god! - That's what I mean!
- Talking is so much faster! - It's so much faster, it messes with your head.
Alright, I gotta play faster.
You're going up!
...million subscribers?
- You actually read it! - Yeah!
Uh, guys. Guys.
♪ Love you guys ♪
- I started singing. - Oh, you tend to sing with the music.
'Cause of my pitch!
I can see the pitch, I want to match the pitch.
Oh, that's so funny! And you tried to go,
you went down there like,
"And now I'm going down," like, purposely.
This one is actually faster, so maybe it's easier.
- Dude, was that your bow? - Yeah...!
What the ****?
Oh, I started singing it!
- Oh yeah, ♪ Because music ♪ - ♪ Because ♪
Yeah! You do it too!
Oh my god, that's so hard!
Dude, our friend just roasted us.
"Consider starting a YouTube channel instead..."
Yeah, I didn't realize we would just get...
We were roasting ourselves.
Dude, Prelude...! Are you s— Oh my god.
Dude, that was good!
- And you feel the mental strain, right? - Yeah.
I actually found this one was easier 'cause it was steady.
Yeah. The rhythm was steady.
That Mozart was hard.
Play this.
Just say, "Consider starting a YouTube channel instead."
"Consider starting a..."
It wasn't just me!
Dude, I thought my brain was messed up.
- All right, there you go guys. - Ohh...
Try it at home, a good mental exercise.
Bit of fun with your friends, play with your friends.
Dude, can you imagine doing a duet?
And then dialogue?
"We are now going to have a debate on global warming,
while playing the Bach double violin concerto...!"
- Dude, that's... - "How dare you!"
"It's all your fault!"
"No, the science literature says
the evidence points to..."
"We gotta practice!"
"Nature needs us!"
I don't know why I'm shouting.
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I Can't Talk to You, I'm Practising!

44 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on February 28, 2020
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