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I am so embarrassed.
I have not been this embarrassed for a while.
Non fiction! Situation!
[Main MC is nervous] NG!
Mr. Boo, are you going to do this like that?
Mr. Boo~
[OK let's go] I am disappointed, Mr. Boo~
Non fiction, situation! Variety!
Oh? Look at this fellow.
[The best MC] He goes along well with me!
It's like we have been married before?
Looking for that type of partners!
[Became] SEVENTEEN Non fiction!
[Main MC] Situation!
Chemi Variety!
[SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny] Episode 1 Past Life Destiny!
Today's guest
[Boys who are growing up so fast, SEVENTEEN!]
[Congrats] Let's go Mr. Boo!
[Congrats on you being main MC] Oh Mr. Boo!
[You have to be able to do this to become main MC] Variety!
'Monthly SEVENTEEN' shouldn't go this way.
[Mystery Mr. Lee] It was a disaster.
We thought that we shouldn't keep going loose.
- We are going to start strong with Seung Gwan Boo's Past Life Destiny. - Oh I like it!
[Pressure] It seems your tie is really tight!
Yes. It's good.
[High energy] Genius MC!
[High energy 2] You look like a baby pig today.
This morning all of our members
did all award stages since it was new years period.
[Rowdy] - Yesss - Yes!
After our schedule, you were at the salon at 8:50.
But we are not tired.
[This energy] How can you have this energy when you were at the salon in 8:50?
Mingyu, 10 minutes ago...
[High energy]
[Mr. Lee who is not good at English] You just naturally dance, right?
I have come prepared.
It's time to appeal SEVENTEEN's charm.
Guys, what is Past Life Destiny known for?
Dance competition...
Do it again!
You have to do it again.
[Hyped up late / Good friends who are cheering for him] - The MC should not be embarrassed. - Do it with confidence!
- Okay. - What's wrong Mr. Boo?
[Second try] Let's do it again.
Yes, what is Past Life Destiny known for?
[Yes] Dance competition!
Dance Dance~
[#1 Dance Dance!]
We are going to have a dance competition.
[Wants to go first] I think who is going to first is important.
[Fail] It's something to apple to couples right?
Siri, get out.
Even though it is 2020,
you have to go back to 2005.
[At that time we were seven years old]
[YO my friend] Was I seven years old in 2005?
[Who are you?] How am I supposed to know?
By the way, we are very excited for Hoshi.
[Let's get to the dance] I have come prepared this year.
First comes handsome and pretty
Jeonghan who came back safely!
[I am Yoon Jeonghan / Cute]
[I am DK Lee]
[Oh we have to watch this]
Look at the camera move!
Do something appealing to the camera.
[Love and passion to you] The bottom one!
[Amazing first dance] Next!
Pretty face you.
Are you the only handsome one? What is this? LOL
[Mental recovery] Gen~ Gen~ Gen~
Gentle Joshua~
[Gen Gen]
Oh Sexy Back! Sexy BACK!
Gentle man!
[A guy who is sexy when he is working out]
You should lift up until here.
[3 months gym 99,900 won]
[I have to go take protein]
I love how the song stops.
[The point to edit it out] When you do this sexy back...
[Next] Next!
The funniest member of the SEVENTEEN members.
[Sensible guy Jun] SEVENTEEN Jun!
Where is he?
[Song START]
[Jun walk]
[Amazing feet work]
[Jun walk learned]
[Amazing STEP]
[Reinterpretation of Jun walk] Do you not use your arms?
[Arms are just there]
[Amazing duet]
- Yes I like it! - This is amazing!
Our members' dancing skills are...
[High difficulty dance] Low difficulty...
[Next is Dancing machine] Next person is very good at dancing
[Good at joking] - Is it me? - I believe that you will make this more fun.
Are you the one?
What time is it?
A tiger on the stage!
Going SEVENTEEN's Hoshi!
[Tiger Baby Tiger] Kwon Hoshi!
Music start!
[Dancing machine sally]
Ah, I don't know actually.
[Hamster style today] You didn't draw eyeliner today!
[Breathe Breathe]
Isn't that Chuli and Miae?
[SHOUT OUT TO Chuli and Miae sunbae] [Dancing King!]
You can take it, you can take it.
[Came to take over the stage] Ah, are you going to take it?
[Cold weather] Why did he come out?
[Be careful]
[Wear some long johns]
This is chaos.
[Pretends to be not bothered] I couldn't contain my excitement.
Next member!
Is he a cat or a desert fox?
[Answer on the comments] Jeon Wonwoo.
Give us music!
He's famous for robot dance.
[Song - Black Cat] - That's polka dots polka dots - Polka dots! Polka dots!
Black Cat Nero...
[Identity confusion]
The song is amazing.
The clothes are also like black cats, today.
What kind of cat dance will he do?
[From hamster to cat]
Now, everyone, we'll go from the right!
[Killing point]
[Let's go]
[I am the black cat]
[Black cat]
[Dance instinct coming alive]
[Wow, not what I was expecting]
[Well done]
The dance skills of SEVENTEEN members
- are being revealed here. - Yeah, we're being exposed.
Although famous for being good dancers
[The class of a performance master] your legs are wobbly out of embarrassment, right?
I was the one who said to do this
but it feels like we can't get over the cringe from the beginning....
[Immunity to cringe at its best] No it was fun! I like it!
How are you feeling now?
[Great question] - My feeling? - Yes, dancing with the members
[End of interview] Ah, really?
[Sudden MC]
The next member is the one
[WOOZI, commonly acknowledged as the fan-attracting fairy] WOOZI WOOZI! Let's go!
[Legendary song]
[Relaxed movement]
[Born to grab hearts] Usher Usher!
Usher Usher!
[My heart / Your heart!]
Wow he's so good.
He's cute but at the same time tough.
[The music's heart stopped beating too]
[You're my heart breaker]
That chic backside
[SICK backside]
[Next up] SEVENTEEN's cool cutie, the fashion icon!
He's being named the king of meditation these days.
[THE 8 comes forward]
You picked the appropriate song for that time.
[Warming up the dance]
[Dancing King Dancing God]
[His feet movements attracts eyes]
[Showing a high quality dance] So good! Really good! The best so far!
[He has broken the stage]
He's ripped it!
Next is the optimistic guy of SEVENTEEN
The optimistic manager?
[Ha] - Optimistic man! Optimistic man! - Ah, 'man' right?
Yes, our Mingyu, come out please.
[Song fit for the glasses] Vertex! Vertex vertex!
This, the vertex!
It's kind of weird
[STOP for a minute]
The rhythm is a little weird.
- Wait, this is... - This way!
[Chaos] You have to point it that way but you...
No, no that's not it. Isn't it like, two mixed together?
Isn't that a threat?
- Is it done? - No, we have to do it again.
[GO Mingyu GO Mingyu]
[Retro Dance]
[Retro guy armed with 80s sentiment]
Ah, the rhythm is off, isn't it?
- The heat is rising. - It's too high!
Your dance skills, the dance you did here
can be a great weapon to picking the next partner.
[Dancing machine ON]
I want to go out now.
Seventeen's Happy virus!
Dokyeom! DK!
Music start!
[No reaction]
[Embarrassed] There must be no music.
[Music START]
Oh this song...
[Sexy and daring]
[His breathtaking movement]
[Being sexy]
[Freestyle swimming] What are you doing? You're crazy!
[Fierce eyes]
Are you a seal?
So captivating.
Being sexy!
Being sexy! Being sexy!
The law of perspective!
[Nose kiss..] Lens.. the lens might come off~
I fell for him! I did!
[Master of being sexy] - My heart dropped. - This is what being sexy is
You were someone with a talent to dance in such a sexy way.
That's what we've found out.
[Yawning on the inside] Next up!
[New way of introducing someone] Vernon,
[Holding back the yawn] who's trying not to yawn!
I didn't!
That's not it.
Oh this is Rain's "Instead of Saying Goodbye"!
It's that song!
Rain's song.
[What would his freestyle dance be like?] Vernon was good at dancing in a freestyle before we made our debut. Would we be able to see his dance again?
[Light movement]
Feel it, feel it~
[Vernon BOUNCE]
[Spinning man]
[Clean ending] It was awesome, awesome.
I'm surprised at how good you all are at dancing in a freestyle.
I'm a bit rusty.
The last person will show us!
The future of K-POP!
Dino, who says passion is the answer for everything!
[Dino, the future of K-POP] Wow, what am I gonna do about this?
He wrote the history of dance.
He still is.
[This song..!!]
Sonata of Temptation?
[From head to toe]
[He's filled with passion]
[Captivating smile] That smile..wow..
[No reaction because he dances so well]
Now, the god of the entertainment shows!
The future of entertainment shows!
[I'll show you what dance is] - SeungKwan! - Mr. Boo~
[He arrived to conquer the world of entertainment shows]
[Perfect neck joints]
[Camera C'MON]
[Made him cringe]
[Trying to overcome what makes him cringe]
[He overcame]
[I'm SeungKwan Boo]
[who received Rookie of the Year award in entertainment shows]
[not it]
[Cringes] You did good! You did good!
So good!
I'm sorry but it's so embarrassing, come here quick.
Hurry up and do 'Sintoburi.'
[Let's move on quickly] Oh! Good!
I think he'll lose his voice soon.
[So good at saying hi] Hello, ah.
Hello LOL
My neck from the start..
Now we'll move on.
You like moving on, huh?
We have to move on.
I trust you guys that you'll do this with me.
Exciting Monday Flaming Night*! ( * = each word took one syllable from "sintoburi" )
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
[#2 Time to decide on partners at mid-point Steal my heart]
SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny!
[Stole his line] - Mid-point.. - Steal it!
It's not 'steal it'!
[One minute ago] Do 'steal it' with me.
When do we say 'steal it'?
You'll know.
- THE 8 is good in entertainment shows. - He's good.
[THE 8, the genius of entertainment shows] - I think he made the mistake on purpose. - He did.
SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny!
At mid-point to decide on partners!
Steal my heart~
It's time to decide on partners at this mid-point.
[Being chatty / knows what to say] - Oh, already? - Then do we decide on partners again later?
Oh my, oh my, you've found out about how this program will go on.
You'll play games with your partner you decide on right now at this mid-point.
So, you'll have to give a lot of thoughts before making your decision.
If there's a partner you want,
come out with your sitting cushion and show him your charms.
[Deciding on the first couple] Then is there someone
[The first person to try?] who would like to sit here first?
[Dino, who says passion is the answer for everything]
Nodi Nodi Dino~
I imagined the minute he got up.
What's your reason for being the first person to come out?
I could come out like this because I have confidence.
Heard he was amazing at dancing before.
[Can't remember because it wasn't funny] How did he dance?
[Talking behind his back] Shaking his butt, like always.
This, you know?
[Yes, that butt] Right right right.
Is there someone you hope would come out?
[Thinking] You don't have to say who it is, is there someone?
[Intense reaction] He has someone in mind.
Wow, I'm nervous!
[Holding his heart tight] Argh!
[Thrilled] Oh, my god. We're so...
I won't drag it too much, and will proceed it right away.
[Time of destiny] Dino, look this way.
I'll give you plenty of time to think.
If you want to be a partner with Dino, please come out.
[Moving straight]
[Making a U-turn]
[Robot Cleaner]
[Innocent] (Amazed) How many people are going?
[Attention diverter] - Aren't we all going? - He's playing cart rider.
Super popular!
Four, three, two..
What is he...?
[How many people will Dino have indeed?!] Yes, this is how it looks like.
[So much fun] - They go well together. - There's an unexpected person!
Since Dino's really looking forward to seeing who's here
I wonder if there is any member who makes Dino think "Why is this person here?" and who does he think it is?
[High expectation] Actually, there's one person here.
Who do you think came out?
[A bit disappointed] - One person...? - Yes.
- Is there only one? - Yes.
Who was your favorite?
Ah.. should I say that?
(Shy) I'm a little bit embarrassed.
- You can turn around as you speak. - Oh, sure I will.
[Who has come out for Dino?] One, two, three!
One, two, three!
[Shua is here]
[Wonwoo here]
[Super fun]
Ah.. isn't it gonna work
[Dino anxiously seeks] It was him!
Wonwoo, don't you feel bad as Dino picked Shua?
(Sweet) No, I'll change my name to Shua.
[Mr. Jeon Shua (25)]
[Interview with Mr. Jeon Shua] Anyway why did you come out like this (reason)?
I was impressed by Dino's dance.
You must be very impressed.
I'm afraid Dino might need to think through whether to choose Wonwoo...
I don't really
[Shua never came] catch people who leave, so
You're a cool guy.
For those who came, I'm grateful for that
so let's do our best to...
(Not confirmed) Think about it.
Think about it?
[Firm as a knife] It's not confirmed yet.
In a way, Wonwoo has already put his hand out.
[Now it's all up to Dino] - I mean I'm positive. - Because Dino just needs to hold that hand,
Do you need time to think?
I'll hold it.
[Successful first match] Oh~ so the first pair is Wonwoo and Dino!
Achieved? What's that
[Excellent MC] What words can replace it?
We're going to shoot the insert of the two of you. The insert shot
[First pair Dino ♡ Wonwoo] Dino and Wonwoo are the first couple!
Second, Vernon!
Ah, Vernon did a top-like dance
[He showed amazing dance moves] a bit like the Bey Blade at the dance time before
Today's outfit is kind of like the Bey Blade?
[Cartoon main character style]
Do you have anyone in mind?
(Chic) No, not really.
There's nobody special.
[Second mate match] If you want to ask Vernon to be your mate, please come out.
[The one who's just been paired up]
[Both husband and wife]
[Very tense] Wow, it's so tense..
Vernon! Turn around, please.
[Love and War - Vernon - ]
This drama is so much fun!
[See you in four weeks] They're already...
[Personality difference] He's too picky.
Already? Too picky?
What about Wonwoo?
[Simply changed his mind] I like Vernon better.
[Are you tired of Dino already?]
I like Vernon, too?
From the start, it's... it's a mess
As there's a little bit of time to check your mind, I've arranged time for eye contact..
- Oh~ eye contact, that's nice - Time for eye contact..?
[Eye contact between Dino and Vernon] One two three!
[Positive eyebrow]
[Looking at Vernon trying to win his love]
[Eye contact between Wonwoo and Vernon]
One two three!
[Take it]
[How does Vernon feel?]
Have you made up your mind?
[Vernon's made up his mind]
Please lower your heads, both of you
Please hold out your hand
[Push and pull] Hold my hand
[Excellent MC] Your head...
[It's me]
[Vernon's choice is Dino]
Unfortunately, you have failed to make a pair twice.
Don't we have to shoot the insert, Dino?
- Use photos after this... - This is an interim check
[Broadcaster] He's even worried about the insert
You don't have to worry about the insert
They'll all take care of it
You're a broadcaster! You're a broadcaster!
Well! Next
[Third match] Next up is Dino's first love..
Joshua, come out.
Wow! Joshua!
[A guy everyone wants] I want Joshua.
Ah, who was the blue black guy at the end of the year stage?
Like this, you've made such a huge!
[Chaotic] huge! topic of conversation
[Don't miss this kind of thing] You blew it? Whoo~
- Whoo~ - That can happen.
Is there anyone you like?
I'm willing to accept anyone
(American style) Open-minded
- I don't want to go to someone who talks about this but anyway please look back now - That's right
[Third match] Well! This is Joshua
If you want to be his partner, please come out.
[Third time going straight]
[Empty] Oh, there's not much...
people than I thought
[Late fling]
[Final three people]
You're popular!
There are three people!
[Happy concern] You are quite popular right now
Wonwoo, are you playing with Joshua? Or..
(No misunderstandings) No, no! Previously, the name
Why is he there!
[(Previous) Jeon Wonwoo / (After) Jeon Shua] I changed my name to Jeon Shua
Ah! To Jeon Shua!
It's your first time coming out, THE 8
What is the reason you chose Joshua?
(Serious) I just felt like it
You were following your heart?
[Great MC] Following your heart and following the beat
How about you, Jeonghan?
I was just following my heart too
Dragged by heart!
Training colleagues
Joshua, you just choose the member that you want to
play games together right now
This is a hard decision to make
[Reason / Dragged by heart / Dragged by heart / Changed his name] Close your eyes and put your hand out
[Wonwoo failing for the third time]
Please hold the hand of the person that you like
[What will be gentle Joshua's choice?]
[Exciting] Oh, wow!
He succeeded!
At the third time!
[Hooking for the third time] Will he succeed?
[Joshua chose Jeonghan]
[It's me again]
[Free of being single] I think that Wonwoo and SeungKwan will be a couple
This makes Joshua and Jeonghan a couple!
I saw SeungKwan wink twice..
He saw SeungKwan wink twice
[Fourth couple match] Now we should change the mood
We are..
Who is it?
Why are you keep going back to reality?
There is someone who has heavy eyelids
[Sleepy] Jun, come out!
Was there anyone that you liked after watching their dance?
Um.. Yes I have
[The funniest these days, where will Jun's heart head to?] He just said 'Yes I have' and it's already funny
Can you tell us?
That's a secret
[Charming answer]
[Oh my it's a secret]
How many are you expecting?
I didn't
[Unexpected answer]
Every sentence he says..!
I can't guess his thoughts at all
[He just looks tired] He's a lovebird
[Time to head straight] Please look back! And whoever
want to be partners with Jun, please come out!
[Someone who fell in love earlier]
[Challenge of DK and Hoshi] Oh.. Really unexpected..
Did the unique charm drag you?
[Memories popping up] That's funny
Jun, do you think anyone came?
(Still sleepy) Not sure
Look back
[Hi] These two.. What are these two?
You didn't expect them, did you?
I didn't
There is this weird charm which dragged me
It's dragging me
[Man with weird charms] I wasn't thinking of coming but it just suddenly dragged me
I was thinking since last time's sweet potato..
Ah! Watching him eat the sweet potato?
Okay so two are here, who do you choose?
[Funny on his face] Why! Is there something on my face?
He has a weird charm
He has this strange charm
Is there something on my face?
[Dragged with unknown reason..]
Why are those deep double eyelids so charming today..
He has thick eyes!
[Time to choose] Now, Jun you need to choose, so please take out your hand
Who will he choose!
[Jun's choice?]
[For broadcast?] Choose someone your heart heads to!
[Chose Hoshi! / Wonwoo PICK]
That's great. So this makes Jun and Hoshi a couple!
I didn't expect Wonwoo to hold it..
Until now, these are the couples made!
Dino, Vernon! And
Hoshi, Jun!
Joshua, Jeonghan!
[Who will Mingyu's fate be?] Okay. Then Mingyu, please come out!
Okay everyone, I believe that you will follow this
Exciting Saturday Flaming Night! Yoohoo~
I did it! I didn't get it wrong
- Shall we try again? - Exciting Saturday Flaming Night
Let's do that again
Isn't he supposed to do Exciting~ Monday 'Monday night'?
Sintoburi! Exciting Monday Flaming Night! Yoohoo~
Exciting Monday Flaming Night! Yoohoo~
Okay thank you.. I thank you all so much.
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[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.5 #1 (SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny #1)

105 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on February 28, 2020
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