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Not so long ago Sony showed the world the
a6400 and when I say 'the world' I mean
mainly the press in America got shown the
a6400 and the rest of world kind of just
watched the American press getting hold
of the a6400 but anyway it's here I've
got it in my hands in my bag in fact and
people saying a6400 vlogging this
vlogging that in fact I should be vlogging
with that and not this so here we go
Oh magic through the beauty of video editing
the gh5 has turned into an a6400 anyway
first of all I've got a bit of beef with
some of the things that been said about the
a6400 like huge fillet steak
massive t-bone steak beef with some of
the things that have been said anyway let's
go it is Sony's first big release of the
year but what is there to big up about
the a6400 but first this video is
sponsored by Squarespace the place to go
to if you want to setup your own domain
website or online store it has a screen
that flips up every time there's a new
camera that comes out with a screen that
faces forward the whole vlogging
community just loses their shizzle or another
bodily fluids because it's a vlogging
camera yeah and Sony highlighted this
with their own promotional videos with
not just one but two promotional videos
but then the whole issue of putting the mic
on top on the hot shoe thus blocking the
screen became apparent people's hot
shizzle went straight back up right up
from where it came from and the
complaints started coming out what a fail
Oh Sony what have you done it's blocking
the screen I can't see myself that's not
very good vlogging camera then is it
but you know there were solutions
solutions came out and Sony's solution was
a sort of L bracket which is fine
apart from the fact it probably
blocks the battery compartment which
seems alright it's not blocking the screen
anymore but the thing is you will need
to change the batteries a lot with the
a6400 and then there's also the fact that
it'll probably just come loose what else
is there
tape cheap and stupid then there's the
up yours arm which to be fair you might
as well just give it the finger but
forget all that because the solution
is easy and cheap and quite obvious for
just 25 pounds 99 sounds like an ad but
is not an ad and with that one penny change
you get you can use it to attach the
thing to your camera it's a cage and it
will give you serious video geek
credibility I mean I don't know why Sony
didn't release their own cage accessory
because with rx0
they have a little cage thing for it
they could have made millions with this
but look if you can stretch your budget
to add a cage get an a6300 cage because
the cold shoe's on the right solves your
problem put the mic on the right of the
a6,500 cage cold shoe's on the left see
you're still blocking your screen just
on one side but if you have the rode
videomic pro Plus which is quite a
chunky mic make sure that you push it as
far forward as possible because it might
knock against the screen which will make
a noise because the shock mount does
wobble about talking about wobbliness
and talking about that knocking sound I
mean that is one thing the rolling
shutter is pretty damn atrocious it's
like jelly
jello depending where you're from like
when you're vlogging like this you
really don't notice too much of the
jello effect right
that's my only way across the river
but for what it's worth the rolling
shutter in 4k looks a little worse than
a7 III not much more but still worse
it is however much better in 1080p but
you're probably buying a Sony just to
boast to your friends that you can shoot
in 4k with your fancy new mirrorless
camera aren't you otherwise it's quite a
good camera the video there's no
recording time limit a7 III has a 30
minute time limit this doesn't have any
probably because it doesn't overheat as
fast as the a7 III side-by-side the
a7 III starts to overheat after 1 hour
25 minutes and stops quite soon after
that the a6400 just kept going on and on
and on just like a frickin Duracell
bunny after about 2 hours
I gave up because I've got better things
to be doing to be honest
proxy recording for faster editing mic
input no headphone jack but really are
you gonna be monitoring your sound while
vlogging I don't think so when we talk
about vlogging cams of course the big
competitor to the a6400 is the Panasonic
GH5 the camera I'm using to film
this right now but that arguably has the
better spec because less rolling shutter
in-body stabilisation but this could
excel in one area and that's dynamic
range and that's useful because because
I want to get my face right out this Sun
right now because I think it's burning a
hole in my eyeballs god let's move over
okay that's much better foe my eyeballs but
now we need to expose this correctly
because I'm in the shadows if we expose
this for the sky keeping the details in
the sky this if we try to pull out
details on my face it's just gonna end
up a noisy mess right like that
okay so let's change the exposure let's
expose to the right as they say which
basically just means overexposed
of course this is quite an extreme
example because it's extremely backlit
but you know in the Sony advert they said
it'll be good for back lighting
situations yeah clear even with
backlighting well yeah it's always clear
when you switch on the artificial
lighting isn't it but there we are
exactly same aperture exactly same
shutter speed same ISO so now I can see
on the zebra pattern that they're both
over exposing the sky and that's what we
want because we don't want a noisy face
although my face is noisy when I open my
damn mouth the GH5 has the better video
options for sure 4K 60 but the
a6400 retains the details in those
highlights much better the video on the
a6400 is pretty good overall it's just the
rolling shutter but to be honest is
anyone really gonna mark your vlog down
if your content is good besides with an
ultra-wide the GH5 IBIS wobbles in the
corners too a lot of fuss has been made
about this being a vlogging camera but
why don't they just focus on this as a
stills camera because in terms of specs
it's pretty damn good so here we are in
Trafalgar Square because it's Chinese
New Year and they've got some stuff
going on some Chinese-y type stuff
look there's Chinese people over there
over there there's one right here
of course this is no ordinary Chinese
New Year celebrations this is in
the UK so this is done in British style
though they've done it with the weather
like this with people standing around
and middle-aged Caucasian
people dressed up as middle-aged Chinese
people it's got the same Sony
eye autofocusing system
but the difference is that now
it's always on and then brilliant other
neat touches you can customiae what
focusing zones show up so you don't have
to scroll through a load of focusing
options you don't ever use anyway but
also the touch screen is good for moving
the focus point and also you can just
press on your subject to start tracking
just now some Chinese dude asked me are you
Lok 'are you Lok' 'no I'm the other on'e Chinese people can't
tell the difference between one Chinese
dude there's another Chinese dude racist
now the auto focusing on the sony a6400
with Sony's eye auto focusing
is brilliant i don't know how they can
make it to work so well it's just it's
like black magic
in fact sony should have called it eye
black magic because that's a very sony
name to come up with isn't it curiously
doesn't work on panda eyes but apparently
there will be firmware updates soon
where it will work on animal eyes i'm not
sure about men dressed up as animals but it
will work on animals apparently that's
probably in a future firmware update
maybe the face and the eye AF thing though are just
incredible i must note that this footage
like record of the screen it shows auto
iso but actually on the screen you can
see what ISO it is even though it's on
auto even when i'm moving about like a
crazed madman it keeps following my face
and my eye like a crazy mad thing as
well when you put this focusing ability
together with the fact they can take
photos several of them in quick
succession like this
then you can take over the world or at
least you can get number of shots in
focus there were a couple that was
slightly off but impressive nonetheless
given that I was quite close up but
dare I say even though I haven't had
both cameras side by side or that was
just last week when I tested the Fuji it
feels like the Sony's eye and face AF
is just a little bit better than Fuji
noticeably better it kicks its ars....so
anyway only kidding they a6400 is
amazing value it would be wrong to just
dismiss this as a vlogging camera gone
wrong because not only is it a mostly
good camera for video but especially for
stills it lacks the ibis of the a 6500
but this is stiff competition for the
recently released
fujifilm xt 30 which is exactly the same
price and also lacks ibis yes the
screen flips into the mic but a camera is
more than just seeing your own face in
the screen just before I go on a say a
big thank you to Squarespace for
sponsoring this video if you want to
setup an online store domain or
website go check them out that's what I
used to set up my own website because it's
easy to set up customise and maintain
with a 24/7 help desk team it just all
makes sense so go check them out if you
want to set up your own website of
course with a load of templates to
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off your first purchase with the code KY
there's only one way to find out if I'm
gonna fall in
oh shit money fucking nature I should
just stick the studios Studios nature
and me do not mix
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Sony a6400 Hands-on Review

32 Folder Collection
ceew published on February 27, 2020
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