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Feel like lunch and want to take a goldfish home?
Tokyo's got you covered.
Kingyozaka in Bunkyo is a cafe
famous for its traditional Japanese lunches
and for its obsession with goldfish.
The goldfish theme can be found
everywhere in the restaurant.
From the walls, to your cutlery,
they're all around you.
If you come at lunch,
you get to choose from one of their famous set menus,
which either have meat or fish.
But don't worry, there isn't any goldfish on the menu.
Once you've filled your stomach,
you can make your way outside to the goldfish farm.
Kingyozaka breeds hundreds of goldfish
and they're all for sale.
Once you've browsed the many, many tanks,
you can take one home.
Or even better,
you can whip out your rod
and catch one yourself.
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Awesome Goldfish Cafe in Tokyo

122 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 27, 2020
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